Welcome to Holland Christian Schools! It is our hope that this website will serve as a window into the learning and growth that occurs everyday at our school. We passionately love the Lord and are deeply rooted in God’s love and grace. Holland Christian strives daily to bring every student to a greater sense of awe and gratitude for the amazing world that God has called us to serve and care for with a better understanding of themselves as uniquely made by God. Our desire is to have every student be well equipped to make an impact on their “world” both in the present and for the future. We feel blessed to be able to partner with parents as together we “equip the minds and nurture the hearts” of their children.

Over the years, Holland Christian Schools has gained a reputation for educational excellence and for innovation and creativity both in and outside of the classroom. Test scores and the pursuit of best practices by our remarkable staff of professional educators have proven that to be the case year after year. But a school cannot rely on past experiences to "carry the day," and glennvos.jpgto that end we have established a model of continuous improvement and review in order to assure that each school year the educational journey of our students will have more value and impact than the year prior. This is not easy work but it is important work for us to engage in system wide.

Education today is so much more than classrooms, science labs, art rooms, and gymnasiums. It is also playgrounds and athletic fields, service trips and Bible studies, music rehearsals and marching bands, and it is the relationships built between teachers and students, friends and colleagues, coaches and athletes. At Holland Christian we want a child to grow and thrive academically, socially, and spiritually. We want students to be technologically wise so we've developed a one to one initiative where each kindergarten - 4th grade student has their own iPad and each 5th-12th grade student has their own laptop computer. Along with these advances in technology, there also needs to be a balance with meaningful relationships and connections with one another, with the community, and with the world around us. Holland Christian has the privilege of having 21st century spaces for learning in all of our buildings, especially at the High School which just finished a complete renovation to better reflect the way that a student learns and functions today.

These are just a few of the exciting things that are happening at Holland Christian Schools as we strive to be a school that pays attention to not just test scores, but also wants our students to be good stewards of the creation around them. The leadership of the school is committed to being actively engaged in strategic planning so that our students and staff will always have the greatest opportunities available to learn and to grow; for we can do nothing less if we are doing it in God’s name.

Thank you for taking a look at Holland Christian Schools through this window of information, inspiration, and insights. Drop us a note; we would love to get to know you better and demonstrate that we can serve your learning needs whether you are just starting school or are looking to broaden your educational experiences. Holland Christian is a great place to grow as a child of God!!

Glenn Vos
Holland Christian Superintendent

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