’19-’20 Preschool Enrollment Is Open!

Holland Christian preschool enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is open to all families! The easiest way is to enroll directly online at hollandchristian.org/admissions/apply-now, though you can also complete the application with us in person if you prefer. We have lots of  dynamite preschool options to best fit your family’s needs, because we know how tricky schedules can get:

All of our regular preschools meet mornings, from 8:30-11:15 am, at both of our South Side and Rose Park (north side) locations:

  • 3-Year-Old Classes: Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday
  • 3-Year-Old Spanish Immersion Class (Rose Park): Tuesday/Thursday
  • 4-Year-Old Classes: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (3 day) OR Monday-Friday (5 day)
  • 4-Year-Old Spanish Immersion Class (Rose Park): Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • Junior Kindergarten: Monday-Friday

You can also opt for as many or few of our preschool Afternoon Enrichment Classes as you choose, based on your schedules and your child’s interest. You can read about those options here.

You can read more about our preschools’ nuts and bolts, with everything from our first-rate preschool curriculum, to our parent handbook online here.  If you have any more questions, though, feel free to contact anyone listed below–we love to help, and welcome meeting you in person, or showing you around!

Courtney Lampen, Admissions Director, at (616) 820-2804 or clampen@hollandchristian.org
Rod Brandsen, Rose Park Principal, at (616) 820-4055 or rbrandsen@hollandchristian.org
Miska Rynsburger, South Side Principal, at (616) 820-3535 or mrynsburger@hollandchristian.org