What’s for Friday’s lunch?

We think there may actually be school tomorrow! And here's what we're planning for lunch on Friday, February 1: Grades K-6: EMOJI DAY Mini corndogs, Emoticon [...]

SmugMug Photos

Did you know that we keep a running photo gallery of all the photos we take during the school year, kindergarten through 12th grade?! We keep them on a website called "

Rose Park News 1/25/19

Dear Rose Park Family and Friends, Happy Snow Day! I can’t say I’m surprised given the forecast and conditions when I left school at 9PM last night. We had a wonderful Discovery Night [...]

FS/SS/PR Newsletter-January 25, 2019

Discovery Night is just around the corner. Please invite your friends! Our staff at South Side is excited to meet many new families Tuesday evening and learn a bit about the children God may [...]

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