Dear parents and families, It is emotional for me to write the last letter to you all.  “Preparing a Table” for this year serving the High School students and your Middle School students has been [...]

FS/SS/PR Newsletter-May 31, 2019

Shared Announcements Office Hours If you need to have access to the school, we will hold office hours from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. through next Friday, June 7.   There will be an all staff [...]

Rose Park News 5/31/19

Dear Rose Park Family and Friends, I don’t know if it is that the older I get each year becomes a smaller slice of the overall pie of life, but it sure is true that I experience years more [...]

FS/SS/PR Newsletter-May 24, 2019

Shared Announcements End of Year Housekeeping With the end of the year fast approaching this is a time to remind parents of a couple of things listed below: Please be sure to check the Lost and [...]

Rose Park News 5/24/19

Dear Rose Park Family and Friends, Annually at this time of year I think about that crazy roller coaster ride called “Top Thrill Dragster” at Cedar Point. You know the one, right? [...]