FS/SS/PR Newsletter – June 2020

This ending is not like any of us would have thought when the school year began in August. Who would have known how to join a “Zoom” meeting? Or how to organize one? Or what Zoom even was? We [...]

HS Newsletter – June 2020

Dear Parents, As we end the 2019/20 school year, one like no other, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.   First to our students who had learning as they knew it turned upside down and [...]

Rose Park Newsletter June 2020

This week we’ve been blessed with a good deal of sticky sunshine, a tangible reminder that the school year is giving way to summer months. This transition from spring to summer is unlike [...]

MS Newsletter – June 2020

Greetings, Thank you, again and again, for your patience and encouragement this year as we started with the school in the middle of a renovation and completed the year doing remote learning. I, [...]

RP Newsletter – 5/15

This school year began with the typical celebratory tone that often accompanies the roll out of a new school year. You might remember the sweaty evening of August 22nd. Perhaps you stopped in the [...]

Maintenance Endowment Fund

In 2019, Holland Christian was generously gifted $1 million for a Maintenance Endowment Fund to help care for Holland Christian’s beautiful buildings and [...]

Annual Society Meeting Update

On May 1, the Board of Trustees of Holland Christian sent out the “2020 Annual Society Report” and asked you to reply with any questions you may have. Thank you for your [...]