High School Newsletter – September 2020

Dear Parents, As we begin the 20/21 school year, some things are different due to COVID-19 requirements but some things, like the excitement of starting a new school year, have not changed at [...]

All the parent stuff:

We realize, parents, that there's a whole lot of info coming your way right now. This post is not meant to add to them, but to let you know that if you missed something the first time through, [...]

HCS 2020 theme: Woven Together

There is an old Sunday-school song “Bind us together, Lord, bind us together with cords that cannot be broken.” Even though the lyrics are simple, the meaning is deep. It is a [...]

Rose Park Newsletter – September 2020

Dear Rose Park Family and Friends, Have you ever trained for an athletic event? If you’ve participated in a training program of any sort you’re likely familiar with the concept that [...]

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