21-22 Athletic Parent Night on August 17 at 7pm in the High School Auditorium

The first few pages of our athletic handbook set a perspective on educational athletics and the important roles necessary for student-athletes to flourish on our teams.  I invite you to take a few minutes to read this opening perspective and commit to the lane you travel in as the parent of an athlete.

Middle School & High School Athlete Handbook

Our keynote speaker for Parent Night is former Athletic Director, Kevin Wolma.  In addition to serving as the AD at Hudsonville Public Schools, he also taught leadership and physical education courses as well as coached tennis, basketball and golf for the district.  In 2020 Kevin published a book, 30 Second Timeout: Navigating Through the Challenges of Youth Sports.  The book is directed at parents of athletes through 30 short engaging challenges for them to positively partner with their child as an athlete.  Kevin’s approach doesn’t give parents all the answers to every situation, but he does ask parents to be sure they consider the “why” of their actions and what they hope to achieve through their child’s participation in athletics.   All parents of athletes are invited to the keynote, which is on August 17 at 7pm in the High School Auditorium.

For parents of high school fall athletes, your individual parent meeting with your child’s head coach will follow at the high school.  Parents of middle school school fall athletes will have a parent meeting after their season begins on August 23.  Parents with only winter or spring athletes will have individual parents meetings later in the year after the start of their seasons.

A bonus resource for you is a panel session that we put together on August 20, 2019 entitled “The Realities of Competing in College.”  The session is positive, informative and relative to parents of athletes whether they have a child interested in competing at the next level or not.  The panel includes coaches and athletes from all collegiate levels and will hopefully promote good discussion for parents to have with their athlete.