/ Holland Christian Schools

We are a vibrant, multi-campus community that is united by a common mission to equip minds and nurture hearts to transform the world for Jesus Christ. As you learn more about our school, visit campuses, and meet the people of the community, you will see that our mission is not just a collection of meaningless words, but a rallying cry that guides every decision we make, and every class we teach.

At Holland Christian, you will meet teachers, administrators, staff, and trustees who are passionate about Christian education as a partnership between school, church, and family. Our faculty and staff dedicate themselves to continuous improvement so that students are prepared to follow the educational and career paths of their choosing. They relish the opportunity to forge mentoring relationships with young people that will echo for years to come. Our school leaders ensure that the core values which gave birth to Holland Christian Schools over 100 years ago continue to guide our path in the complex world of the 21st Century.

Please take some time to explore the Holland Christian community as found here on this website. You will find a place with a rich history and an eye for the future, a place that cares about individual students and families while reminding us that we are all part of the larger Body of Christ, a place that challenges its members to bring to bear all of their gifts and talents to make every day and every activity events that expand the impact of God’s Kingdom. There’s no place like it, and we can’t wait to share it with you!


Our mission answers why we do what we do. It serves as a filter for our decisions and ensures that we stay true to foundational purpose of Holland Christian Schools. We know that the world is changing faster than it ever has before, and we embrace the need for our educational practices to evolve as well. A strong mission provides the compass we need to help us blaze new trails while making sure that we are always moving in the right direction. With all of that explanation in mind, the mission of Holland Christian Schools is:

Equipping Minds and Nurturing Hearts
to Transform the World for Jesus Christ

Equipped minds and nurtured hearts are academically prepared, Biblically discerning, and spiritually growing. Developed in the context of a comprehensive learning community and a spiritually enriching environment, students are enabled to transform the world for Jesus Christ by living for Him, loving others, and serving the world. To read the entire Holland Christian Schools’ mission statement, check out our Mission & Beliefs webpage