/ Welcome from the Board President


Welcome to the Holland Christian Schools Board of Trustees section of the school’s website. It is our hope that the information presented here will be helpful to all school society members. Our intent is to keep information here regarding what is happening at HC at the board level.

The Board of Trustees at Holland Christian Schools is made up primarily of parents of children that attend the school. Typically, the Board comprises a cross-section of our school society. Over the years that I have been involved with our board there have been tradespeople, educators, small business owners, doctors, and the list goes on. Currently there are eleven board members, but that number varies from year to year depending on the needs of the board and the availability of those willing to serve. The HC Board may be between 9-12 members whose common bond is a passion for Holland Christian Schools and its mission to “Equip minds and nurture hearts to transform the world for Jesus Christ.”

We are a “Governing Board” as opposed to an “Administrative Board” or a “Representative Board.” That is, the Board works to assure that there are well-defined governance, policies, funding, and organizational structure along with a very capable Head of Schools leading the administration of a highly professional, highly capable team of staff members to execute our mission. In addition, the Board of Trustees leads key committees that provide framework and guidance in the areas of Education, Finance, Stewardship, and Trustees. The Head of Schools reports to the Board of Trustees and is solely responsible to “run” the school day-to-day, semester-to-semester, and year-to-year. The trustees are not involved in the routine administration of the school, as that falls to the Head of Schools and the administrative council made up of the principals and key staff members. Only when issues rise to a level that affect vision and mission does the board get involved in that level of detail.

Over the past number of years our key priorities as a board have been (in no particular order):

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Education Support Services and Core Instruction
  • Policies/Operations/Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Zeeland Christian School and Holland Christian Collaboration

This past school year while were searching for a new Head of Schools and looking forward to a likely two-year transition, we cast these transitional priorities as well (again, in no particular order):

  • Academic excellence in which each student is valued and equipped to reach his/her potential.
  • Continue strong financial management and enhance long-term financial sustainability and affordability.
  • Creative, responsible and holistic integration of faith formation into every educational experience.
  • Foster and grow a community of trust.
  • Intentional and hospitable inclusion of a more diverse constituency reflecting the ever-changing demographics of our community.
  • Providing excellent leadership development of HC leaders.

During the 2020-2021 school year our board and our Head of Schools, Eric Forseth, will spend time refocusing and defining the school’s priorities for the next few years. It is our ongoing hope and prayer that you will join us in our quest to fulfill the mission of Holland Christian Schools.

Sincerely in Christ,
Jeff Pett
President of the Board


A former Christian school teacher, Doug currently is an elementary school principal for Allendale Public Schools. He and his wife

wife, Karin, live in Holland and have sent all four of their children to HC: Caleb ’14, Jacob ’16, Elise ’20, and Larissa ’23 have somehow attended every HC school currently in existence! They are members at Calvary CRC, where Doug has served as a deacon, cadet leader, Sunday school teacher, and head counselor. Doug has had a variety of experiences in the K-12 educational field, including working with various policies, procedures, and practices that help fulfill a school’s mission. “In today’s highly competitive educational market, the product we offer must be exceptional. Our staff must be well-equipped to deliver outstanding instruction to ALL students,” he says.

Stacy Jackson served on the HCS school board for six years from 2009-2015. He and his wife Stacey have five children who have all

attended Holland Christian. Their family are members at Central Avenue CRC, and and “love the mission of Holland Christian” as well as the opportunity to “serve alongside parents and churches in the development of students.” He works at Hope College where he is the Kenneth J. Weller ’48 Professor of Management and Economics, as well as the Chair of the Economics and Business Department.

His areas of expertise at Hope College and in his field of Business and Economics are leadership, organizational effectiveness and change, and strategy and organization design. His research focuses on leadership and strategic change, power and politics in organizations, and the role of business in society. He began his career at NASA in Houston, Texas, as an internal organization development consultant. His subsequent consulting experience includes serving as a senior manager for Ernst & Young Management Consulting and as a practice leader for Hewitt Associates.

Jeff and his wife, Joyce, are the parents of three children, all HCS graduates: Jennifer, Kimberly DeJager, and Kyle. Jeff brings a unique

perspective to the board as a former high school science teacher and as a previous Director of Operations here at HCS. Jeff retired from Fleetwood Group in July 2020 and has since become a Court Appointed Special Advocate working to represent children in the foster care system in Ottawa County.  Jeff is also an involved member of Park CRC where he facilitated their “Renewal Lab”, has led Sunday school, has served as both a Deacon and Elder, and plays for the Praise Team. He most values HCS’s faith development in their students, and enjoys as a board member helping HCS become “deliberate about being more missional in serving the needs of the Holland community.”

Chad is the Pastor at Faith CRC and is also currently an adjunct professor at Calvin College. Previously he was a professor at Central

College in Iowa, served in the Marines, and also taught in Israel. He and his wife Jodi are the parents of four children, who attend Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian Schools. He is recommended to the Board of Trustees because of his skillset in faith formation as a pastor as well as serving on the RCA General Synod as Professor of the Church. He is also committed to diversity and having students think critically about a broad range of issues from a Christian Perspective. He is a team player who, because of many diverse situations he has experienced in his own life, enjoys discussing a variety of aspects to situations and brainstorming new possibilities. Chad values “raising my children in a community of faith, understanding that all the world belongs to God. More specifically, I value Holland Christian as it appears to give students the tools to think critically about a broad range of issues rather than merely indoctrinating them with a set of beliefs and ideas. Good theology is critical, but, to me, a sound reasoning faith trusts and thinks about God in all situations.”

Kevin ’98  has an accounting background and works as Assistant Finance Manager for the City of Zeeland. He and his wife, Alicia (Klaasen),

’98 have three children currently at Holland Christian Schools, Lauren at HCHS, and Sam and Alex both at HCMS. As a family they attend Providence CRC, where Kevin has variously volunteered as deacon, and both middle school and high school youth group leader over the past 13 years. He has also coached a variety of youth sports teams and currently serves as treasurer for Holland Little League. Kevin appreciates the education that both he and his wife received from HCS, especially the worldview they learned here, that “God permeates everything, even math.” He says that this same worldview is “essential to instill in each generation, so as they enter the workforce they know that no matter what they are doing, kingdom building is present in that activity.” With his financial and vocational background, Kevin is well-gifted to be “part of an organization that is accountable to a much larger group of stakeholders and the challenges that go with that.” He is accustomed to working with the day-to-day “operations of an organization within a public sphere, but also being accountable for [its] long-term financial sustainability.”

Mary is self-employed as a certified health education specialist, with the majority of her efforts focusing on public health and safety.

She and her husband, John, are the parents of Isabella ’20 and Julia ’31 and are members of Christ Memorial Church. She has served on the Rose Park Parent Board, Champion Gymnastics Board, as well as the PTA Board at Douglas Elementary School, where she helped launch the use of iPads, a school garden, a nutrition and wellness team, and a school-wide recycling program. As an American Red Cross Authorized Provider, she worked with HCHS freshman health teachers to help certify HCHS students in CPR, 1st Aid, and AED. She was recommended to the BOT for “her servant leadership as well as personal quest for knowledge and continual growth are in perfect alignment with HC’s mission of equipping and nurturing.”

Kurt and his wife, Jana have two children enrolled at Holland Christian and are members at Niekerk Christian Reformed Church. He

works in corporate finance at YFAI and has previously held similar positions at Visteon and JCI. He has served on the HC Tuition Task Force Committee and on the Niekerk Pastoral Search Committee in addition to being a regular Sunday School storyteller. “I believe it is vitally important that children spend their formative years in an education environment where each subject is taught with a Christian worldview and all actions point to Jesus Christ. I pray that is how my children spend the rest of their lives and I believe Christian education is, along with our home and church, an irreplaceable component of their foundation.”

Craig is the Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Holland and is a member at Christ Memorial Church. He previously spent

almost 20 years in automotive manufacturing as an engineer. He and his wife Wendy are parents to three children, all who attended Holland Christian. He is recommended to the HC Board because he understands the “both-and” of protecting the values that have made Holland Christian unique while also growing enrollment by attracting students from families who have not formerly considered Christian education because of perceived and real barriers to entry. Craig says, “The daily investment the Holland Christian community makes in its children impacts our students for decades to come. I’ve seen this investment pay off in my life and my own children. The foundation of values that’s imparted through the staff at HCS is one of the treasures of the school. I firmly believe that Holland Christian produces ‘different’ graduates, who love the Lord and want to impact the world for Christ.”

Chad Steenwyk and his wife, Rachel, are parents of three Holland Christian students: Elleh, Henry, and Leo, and are members

at Central Avenue Christian Reformed Church, where Chad has been the full-time co-pastor since 2004. Besides serving in a variety of teaching and leading roles as church pastor, Chad also is the chair of the Classis Holland CRCNA Executive Team. In the past he served as president of the CRCNA Loan Fund Board, the Calvin Theological Seminary Student Senate, and was on the Holland Chamber of Commerce Small Business Committee. Chad initially worked in commercial banking for seven years, finishing as Assistant Vice President for AmeriBank before he switched careers to the ministry. He is an involved parent at Holland Christian, and has “strong leadership abilities, is reflective, patient, and is excellent at working in a team.” He brings a passion for Christian education from a Reformed perspective, and has a “passionate commitment to faith and development of the whole student.” In particular, he desires to explore how the home, church, and school can work together in more significant and effective ways for Christ’s glory.

Deborah and her husband, Jon, are the parents of four Holland Christian students: Claire, David, Jacob, and Eli. A former

HCHS English teacher, Deb joined the Hope College faculty in 2010 as Assistant Professor of Education, where she focuses on the areas of English education, disciplinary literacy, and adolescent literacy. She is the chair of Hope’s secondary education team, founder of Hope’s Education Department research colloquies, as well as of Hope College’s faculty-student young adult literature book club. She has been on the board of editors for Perspectives, a journal of Reformed thought, since 2012. Last spring she was honored by the Michigan Read Association (MRA) for her work as the program director of the Big Read Holland Area, the community-wide reading program that takes place each November. Deb and her family are active members of Third Reformed Church, where Deb currently serves on the worship committee. She endorses Holland Christian Schools as passionately committed to the “faith and development of the whole student,” while understanding that “the Christian faith is not just for the sanctuary, but for education culture, and the arts.”

The owner and manager of Glass Images Inc., Mark Windemuller ’91 is the father of four children: Samantha, a graduate of WMU, Brad

’19 a student at FSU, Ryan ’23 and Seth ’25. He and his wife, Lisa ’95, are both graduates of HC and members at Graafschap CRC where he has served as where he has served as deacon and elder, as well as Cadet, youth group, and Sunday school leader.  Mark has served since 2018 as a member of the HC Operations Committee. Those who recommended him for the board have suggested that, “As we look at non-traditional paths of education, Mark would have an insight and passion towards exploring what is best for all students.  His business and people experience is also a strength he brings to the board.”

/ Board Meeting Dates

The Board of Trustees holds its meetings monthly, with the following meeting dates currently scheduled:

  • September 17
  • October 15
  • November 19
  • December 17
  • January 15
  • February 18
  • March 18
  • April 15 (Annual Society Meeting)
  • May 20
  • June 17
  • July 15
  • August 19

The Holland Christian Board of Trustees welcomes your comments and suggestions. Please address your e-mail communications for board members to hcboard@hollandchristian.org. And look for Board/Superintendent Updates emailed to your inbox after each meeting.