Paul and his wife, Jessica, have three children currently enrolled at Holland Christian. He is the President and Master Electrician at Hoekstra

Electrical Services. A member at Ridge Point Community Church, Paul has been involved in various roles including lighting, greeting, small group leader, and electrical work. “Christian education, along with a healthy home and church, will prepare our children to enter the world with a faith and trust in the Lord. Our children need to be confident in who they are in the Lord. The school can help us as parents teach the ways God wants us all to live.”


David and his wife, Melanie, have four children currently enrolled at Holland Christian. A Commercial Lender at West Michigan Community

Bank, David has been involved at Holland Christian as a Business and Industry Drive volunteer and Tuition Task Force member. A member of Bethany Christian Reformed Church, David has been involved on Council as Chair or the Shepherding Deacons, Cadet counselor, and member of the Praise Team. He has served as the Board President of Community Action House. “I value Christian education because it serves as the Biblical foundation for our children to grow up learning and loving the Lord and enabling them to live for Him throughout their lives.”


Jeff and his wife, Joyce, are the parents of three children, all HCS graduates: Jennifer, Kimberly DeJager, and Kyle. Jeff brings a unique

perspective to the board as a former high school science teacher and as a previous Director of Operations here at HCS. Currently Jeff serves as the VP of Sales & Marketing at Fleetwood Group, Inc., a job he enjoys since he gets to visit schools all over the country, and gets to help educators “create learning environments that truly facilitate 21st century learning.” Jeff is also an involved member of his church, Park CRC, where he facilitates their “Renewal Lab,” has led Sunday School, plays for the praise team, and works for their international missions groups. He most values HCS’s faith development in their students, and enjoys as a board member helping HCS become “deliberate about being more missional in serving the needs of the Holland community.”


Chad is the Pastor at Faith CRC and is also currently an adjunct professor at Calvin College. Previously he was a professor at Central

College in Iowa, served in the Marines, and also taught in Israel. He and his wife Jodi are the parents of four children, Jenna (10th ), Michael (7th , ZCS), David (3rd , ZCS) and Greta (Kindergarten, ZCS). He is
recommended to the Board of Trustees because of his skillset in faith formation as a pastor as well as serving on the RCA General Synod as Professor of the Church. He is also committed to diversity and having students think critically about a broad range of issues from a Christian Perspective. He is a team player who, because of many diverse situations he has experienced in his own life, enjoys discussing a variety of aspects to situations and brainstorming new possibilities. Chad values “raising my children in a community of faith, understanding that all the world belongs to God. More specifically, I value Holland Christian as it appears to give students the tools to think critically about a broad range of issues rather than merely indoctrinating them with a set of beliefs and ideas. Good theology is critical, but, to me, a sound reasoning faith trusts and thinks about God in all situations.”


Kurt and his wife, Jana have two children enrolled at Holland Christian and are members at Niekerk Christian Reformed Church. He works

in corporate finance at YFAI and has previously held similar positions at Visteon and JCI. He has served on the HC Tuition Task Force Committee and on the Niekerk Pastoral Search Committee in addition to being a regular Sunday School storyteller. “I believe it is vitally important that children spend their formative years in an education environment where each subject is taught with a Christian worldview and all actions point to Jesus Christ. I pray that is how my children spend the rest of their lives and I believe Christian education is, along with our home and church, an irreplaceable component of their foundation.”


Craig is the Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Holland and is a member at Christ Memorial Church. He previously spent

almost 20 years in automotive manufacturing as an engineer. He and his wife Wendy are parents to three children, Joe (a student at Calvin College), Matt (also a student at Calvin College), and Thomas (12th). He is recommended to the HC Board because he understands the “both-and” of protecting the values that have made Holland Christian unique while also growing enrollment by attracting students from families who have not formerly considered Christian education because of perceived and real barriers to entry. Craig says, “The daily investment the Holland Christian community makes in its children impacts our students for decades to come. I’ve seen this investment pay off in my life and my own children. The foundation of values that’s imparted through the staff at HCS is one of the treasures of the school. I firmly believe that Holland Christian produces ‘different’ graduates, who love the Lord and want to impact the world for Christ.”

Chad Steenwyk and his wife, Rachel, are parents of three Holland Christian students: Elleh, Henry, and Leo, and are members

at Central Avenue Christian Reformed Church, where Chad has been the full-time co-pastor since 2004. Besides serving in a variety of teaching and leading roles as church pastor, Chad also is the chair of the Classis Holland CRCNA Executive Team. In the past he served as president of the CRCNA Loan Fund Board, the Calvin Theological Seminary Student Senate, and was on the Holland Chamber of Commerce Small Business Committee. Chad initially worked in commercial banking for seven years, finishing as Assistant Vice President for AmeriBank before he switched careers to the ministry. He is an involved parent at Holland Christian, and has “strong leadership abilities, is reflective, patient, and is excellent at working in a team.” He brings a passion for Christian education from a Reformed perspective, and has a “passionate commitment to faith and development of the whole student.” In particular, he desires to explore how the home, church, and school can work together in more significant and effective ways for Christ’s glory.


Deborah and her husband, Jon, are the parents of four Holland Christian students: Claire, David, Jacob, and Eli. A former

HCHS English teacher, Deb joined the Hope College faculty in 2010 as Assistant Professor of Education, where she focuses on the areas of English education, disciplinary literacy, and adolescent literacy. She is the chair of Hope’s secondary education team, founder of Hope’s Education Department research colloquies, as well as of Hope College’s faculty-student young adult literature book club. She has been on the board of editors for Perspectives, a journal of Reformed thought, since 2012. Last spring she was honored by the Michigan Read Association (MRA) for her work as the program director of the Big Read Holland Area, the community-wide reading program that takes place each November. Deb and her family are active members of Third Reformed Church, where Deb currently serves on the worship committee. She endorses Holland Christian Schools as passionately committed to the “faith and development of the whole student,” while understanding that “the Christian faith is not just for the sanctuary, but for education culture, and the arts.”


Susan is a graduate of Grand Rapids Christian Schools, Calvin College, and Vanderbilt School of Law. Susan and her husband, Eric, are parents

to one current Holland Christian student, and one alumnus, and are members of Providence Christian Reformed Church. At Holland Christian, Susan is involved with the Education Committee. An attorney at Cunningham Dalman PC, Susan has served in leadership roles on other Boards including the Greater Holland United Way and Turning Pointe School of Dance. Susan has been involved at her church on the Women’s Ministry Team and Children’s Ministry Team. “Today, with families facing more and more challenges, and with church membership on the decline, it is more important than ever to continue providing a Christ-focused and academically rigorous education to students at Holland Christian, one of three partners in the home-school-church connection, which is why I serve on the Board of Holland Christian Schools,” Susan says.