Our mission here at Holland Christian Schools is to equip our students’ minds and nurture their hearts in such a holy way as to prepare those minds and hearts to transform our world for Jesus Christ. This was our unwritten mission since our earliest beginnings back in 1901, and became our written mission a few years later. It is not something we take lightly or flippantly, but gives us joyful meaning and glad purpose each day we’re here. It unites us as well, so that what happens in 2nd grade is important to us later in middle school, so that the quality work done by our preschool teacher aides and school janitors is as important as the work accomplished by Bible teachers and administrators.  We are grateful for our work, for our calling to it, and to our heavenly Father who loves us enough to not only die for us all, but to enable us to serve and heartily live for Him in all we do!

/ Living out our mission

Equipped minds and nurtured hearts are:

Academically Prepared:

Possessing the knowledge and skills to function effectively in a diverse world
Equipped for the next endeavor, whether further instruction or occupation

Biblically Discerning:

Possessing a knowledge of God’s Word; understanding and able to defend a Biblical worldview
Able to critically evaluate the current culture in light of God’s Word

Spiritually Growing:

Have a vibrant, growing relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Understanding their God-given design and desiring to serve Jesus Christ in whatever they do

Developed in the Context of:

A Comprehensive Learning Community:

An excellent academic education that is Biblically based, reflective of Reformed thinking, and accommodating of the unique design of each student
A broad range of high-quality extra-curricular activities, community service, and cross-cultural opportunities

A Spiritually Enriching Environment:

Gifted and passionately committed Christian teachers and staff who positively influence students
An authentic and vibrant Christian community that encourages spiritual growth and fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance

Enabling Students to Transform the World for Jesus Christ by:

Living for Jesus Christ:

Carrying out their life’s work as a calling from God
Demonstrating that all of their resources belong to God

Loving Others:

Reflecting Christ’s love in the family, neighborhood, and throughout the world
Actively involved in a Christ-centered church and using their gifts to passionately serve others in Christ’s name

Serving the World:

Building relationships with and introducing Jesus Christ to those who do not know Him
Seeking in all endeavors to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with their God.”