Fair question, right? It’s one we wrestle with on a daily basis at Holland Christian Schools, and we have an answer that shapes our entire curriculum. We want to unleash the authentic passion inside your child. We want him to seek truth relentlessly, equipped with knowledge and skills—along with the ability to apply them to his life. We want her to make new discoveries and feel the empowerment of harnessing her gifts.

Everyday we see students change and grow—from the wide-eyed preschooler acquiring early literacy skills to the high school senior immersing herself in the intricacies of global politics. These academic experiences stir something deep inside of them, something that propels them to explore God’s plan for their lives. That’s what we’re about . . . and that is why we learn.

For more details on the curriculum, visit each level listed below–or pull aside and ask any of our wonderful teachers!


preschooler holding a toy


You’ve gotten a taste of the preschool program here, but you’re a details person and want to know more exactly what we’ll be teaching your child.

Elementary girl working with math manipulatives


We love kids. We love Jesus. And we can’t wait to teach them about Him and His world, their role in it. Here’s our map we follow to do just that.

Middle school teacher and 2 students working together

Middle School

Here at the middle school we start with relationships. With each other, our God, our world. Then we rigorously add in the reading, writing, and arithmetic.


High School

Wherever your kids may end up, they’ll want to be prepared to live richly fulfilled and informed lives of fellowship with God. Here’s how we prepare them for that.

“HC is built on God and each teacher gives solid examples on how their subject can be used to glorify God.”

-Levi VanDam ’18