God has big plans for every student who walks our halls. That’s a big responsibility entrusted to us. It’s humbling, and we take the charge seriously. Since education is not a one-size-fits-all experience, and some students need additional resources to thrive, we handcraft an individualized plan for each student who needs support. The beauty of Holland Christian is that our programs are fluid; it’s common for a student to receive the help they need in one subject and be challenged to live into their giftedness in another.

Educational Support Services

Our Educational Support Services program (ESS) provides specialized assistance for students with mild to severe learning differences, meeting their needs in a personal and loving way so that they achieve success in the classroom. For additional information, please contact Educational Support Services Director Katie Clausing, kclausing@hollandchristian.org.

Academic Enrichment Services

We seek to provide opportunities for challenge and enrichment for high capacity learners, again, depending on their areas of passion and ability. At the elementary level, advanced learning options most often occur within the community of the regular classroom through individualized differentiation strategies. At the secondary level, high capacity students participate in advanced classes, PATH, dual enrollment classes with select colleges, and AP classes.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies

Students access services from licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists in partnership with our local public schools. Each Holland Christian campus has a professional Child Study Team (the building principal, counselor, ESS staff, and classroom teacher). That group, in consultation with parents, refines the identification of a student’s needs and makes referrals for additional services as needed.

Tech Center

Holland Christian joins with other area high schools in enrolling students at the Careerline Tech Center. This center provides training and experience for young people who express interest in a wide range of careers: from baking to metal working, cosmetology to construction, and commercial art to building maintenance. Career Fairs also provide participants with options for future schooling and apprenticeships. Juniors and seniors can dive into these two-year sequences to explore specific career paths.

“The teachers were not only instructors, but more importantly, mentors who shaped my life, grew me in my faith, and truly made me feel so cared for–and known.”