At Holland Christian, technology has become a critical tool in equipping students to transform their world for Jesus Christ. After researching best practices in the area of technology and studying the way that today’s student learns best, the leadership and faculty at Holland Christian developed the 1:1 Laptop Initiative. The goals of the program include equipping students with the latest technology skills and teaching them discernment and the ethical use of technology. Another important goal is to model current best practices in education by differentiating instruction, developing anytime anywhere learning, widening community and communication, and developing life-long learners. As a Christian School, the faculty at Holland Christian is committed to developing these goals to equip the next generation to transform the world for Jesus Christ.

The 1:1 Laptop Program was piloted in 2005-2006 with 140 6th graders. After great success and tremendous encouragement from parents, the program grew by one to two grades per year until it was fully implemented in 6th-12th grade in 2009. For the 2015-2016 school year more than 1,400 students in 5th-12th grade at Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian Schools were equipped with their own laptop computer.

Equipping teachers with hands-on training is an important piece of the 1:1 Program. In order to model best practices, the faculty at Holland Christian participate in a variety of training sessions. One type of training is “Tech Coaching.” TeacherS set technology integration goals for the year and work together to plan and design lessons for students that integrate technology seamlessly into their curriculum. The intent is to introduce new technology to teachers at their own individual pace, creating “just in time” learning rather than “just in case.” The Technology Integration Specialists also meet with grade level teams and departments to implement technology tools for their specific needs. Teachers receive additional training and support with after school training sessions. At these sessions teachers are introduced to new ideas in the area of technology. If a teacher is interested in more in-depth training they then meet with their Technology Integration faculty for additional information and training.

Technology Goals

  • Goal I: Each student, guided by a teacher, will create a positive digital footprint to impact the world for Jesus Christ.
  • Goal II: Each learning environment will be personalized to the needs and God given talents of the students.
  • Goal III: Each student, teacher, and administrator will connect, communicate, and collaborate with the greater community and the world consistently.

Click here to download an iBook about technology at Holland Christian Schools.

Or here for the K-4th iPad Handbook.

Here for the 5th-12th Grade Laptop Handbook.

“The technology classes were a huge advantage at [college]. I still use all the programs and skills that I learned and continue to learn things about technology.”