What is TRIP? TRIP, or Tuition Reduction Incentive Program, is a program in which families purchase gift certificates through Holland Christian Schools to shop at major food and retail stores. The stores sell the certificates at a discount. The school then sells the certificates at face value to participating families and credits their tuition account with the difference. The percentage of credit earned will vary from store to store; please click here for a detailed list of participating retailers. Anyone in the community can participate, including HC families, future HC families, grandparents, friends, etc., and designate their TRIP earnings to the account of a presently enrolled family, a future family, or to Holland Christian’s Tuition Grant Fund.

There is no cost to participate, but Holland Christian retains a small percentage of the credits to cover the operational expenses of the TRIP program. The gift cards supplied by TRIP are the stores’ actual gift cards. They are the same as cash; you can buy anything in the store that you would normally buy with cash, check, or credit card. Kohls will even allow you to use the gift cards to make payments on charge accounts.

If you move to one of the other Lakeshore Area Christian Schools (Zeeland Christian, Grand Haven Christian, South Olive Christian), Holland Christian will transfer your credit to their TRIP program.

TRIP uses volunteers to run this program. If you can volunteer a few hours a month to the program, we would appreciate your time.

Scroll down to learn more about how you can participate in TRIP!

/ Join TRIP

It’s easy to get started with TRIP! Complete the TRIP REGISTRATION(pdf). Turn your registration form in on Wednesday morning at a TRIP table, or you can email it to You can submit your first order (green form for instantly available TRIP or the blue form for preorders that take a week), or you can place your order online at any time at Additional order forms will be provided for you each time you pick up your TRIP order at the school. A complete list of participation retailers can be found at the link below.

You can turn in your order (blue form) to the TRIP mailbox at the school of your choice any time, or you can physically place an order on a Wednesday morning when TRIP is scheduled, or you can order your  gift cards online by Wednesday 9 am, and your gift cards will be available for pick up the following Wednesday. Your envelope will include the certificates that you purchased, your purchase receipt, and another order form for you to use the next time you place an order, besides the weekly TRIP Clip newsletter offering temporary bonus percentages. You are also able to purchase Instant TRIP (green form) at a table at both Rose Park and HC High School. We have the most popular cards available for you to purchase in person there, although the stock is somewhat limited.

If you prefer to do more of your TRIP purchasing online and electronically than in person, you may find this TRIP BASIC 101 Brochure helpful, as it explains how to access and use the electronic programs of and You will need a school enrollment code that we are not allowed to publish online, but that you may obtain by either calling or emailing Kristi Lokker or Mary Wynia at the contact information below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact either Mary or Maria at the TRIP office–they are very helpful at walking you through the process!

Trip Contacts:
Kristi Lokker: 616.886.8678 or Mary Wynia: 616.834.3802
TRIP Office (Wednesdays only) 616.820.4070 or 

/ TRIP Schedule

All TRIP orders must be dropped off at the school location you have chosen by you or your child on Wednesday for pick-up the following Wednesday.

Pick-up/drop off for Rose Park and the High School will be from 7:30-9:00 am at the school entrance. High School and Rose Park Instant Trip are available from 7:30-9:00 am. Middle School and South Side drop off and pick up are from 8:00-9:00 am. Pine Ridge has a drop box for students and teachers in the front office, though you should be sure to drop off on Wednesday no later than 9 am.

You must drop off and pick up your order at the school designated on your Registration Form. Orders that are not picked up will be held until the following week. If you cannot wait until the following Wednesday to pick up your order, please email us at

Periodically businesses will offer temporary additional percentages towards your tuition; you will be updated on these details through the weekly TRIP Clip newsletter which we email to you when you are registered with Holland Christian TRIP, or through our Holland Christian TRIP Facebook page.

/ TRIP Policies

  1. The TRIP program will be run weekly, except on scheduled school holidays. TRIP will run every other week during the summer.
  2. Family or friends may help you with your tuition reduction by ordering certificates on your order form with your tuition number, or may participate in the program by registering and receiving their own number and directing their credit to your tuition account, the tuition account of any participating family or church, or the HCS Tuition Grant Fund. Parents looking to the future and planning for the Christian education of their children at Holland Christian Schools can also participate. These families will be assigned a tuition number and the credits earned will be held by Holland Christian Schools and credited toward their tuition when their child is enrolled in kindergarten. You may move your credit to another Lakeshore Area Christian School if you move out of the Holland Christian area.
  3. All certificate orders must be accompanied by checks made payable to HCS TRIP. These checks are not tax deductible because participants receive dollar for dollar value. Also anyone writing a non-sufficient funds check will incur a fee of $20.00 to be paid to TRIP. Please note that TRIP checks are cashed immediately so the order for the certificates can be placed the same day.
  4. The percentage earned on each participating family’s account will be held by the TRIP program and credited to your tuition account, which you can check online at any time. If you are not signed up online, you may request a TRIP credit statement, and we will print one for you. Each week the order envelope you receive will list the dollar amount you earned that week.
  5. Order Pick Up
    • Student Take Home: A Disclaimer of Responsibility form must be signed for each school year before the certificates will be released to your child. Please sign the disclaimer if you think you will ever use it. If you sign the disclaimer you will still have the option to pick up your order yourself. Your child will only receive the envelope with certificates for your family’s account. If your child picks up an order for you at the High School or Middle School, he or she must come and get it from the volunteers during the normally scheduled drop off and pick up times listed. At the elementary schools the teachers will pass out the orders.
    • Parent Pick Up: Filled orders will be available on Wednesdays. A friend or relative may also pick up your certificates provided they sign a form available at the time of pick up.
  6. Neither Holland Christian, nor the TRIP committee, is responsible for failure of participating businesses to fulfill contractual obligations or for changing their policy without notice. It is the responsibility of TRIP participants to clarify with individual merchants such matters as individual store decisions on giving change, use of certificates, etc. prior to making a purchase at the store.
  7. The certificates are the same as cash. Neither Holland Christian Schools nor TRIP accept responsibility for lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced certificates.
  8. Instant Trip: A limited number of the most popular certificates are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for immediate purchase on Wednesday mornings. There is a separate green order form for this which is available at the table where Instant TRIP is sold. Instant TRIP purchases are credited to your personal tuition account in the same manner as the weekly or online orders.