Kindergarteners come to school excited about the world around them and curious to learn more about their place in it. The Holland Christian Kindergarten experience capitalizes on this natural passion to spark an even greater love of learning that will carry your kids through the rest of their schooling. In the Kindergarten recipe for a faithful life, our teachers provide the nurturing environment, and our curriculum launches students on their journey of discovery. Want specifics? Check out the summaries below.


Your child learns the stories of the Bible and is challenged to put that knowledge to work in the way he treats others or how she cares for the world around her. We start at the very beginning with the accounts of Creation, the Fall, the Flood, and the Patriarchs, and we continue with the stories of the nation of Israel and move into the life of Christ. All along the way, your children memorize scripture that helps cultivate a word-rooted, vibrant faith.

English Language Arts

Kids all learn to read and write at different rates, and the needs of your child are going to be unique within the Kindergarten class. Our teachers take time to talk one-on-one with your child about the special book she picked out or about the personal story he wrote. Those interactions provide exactly the right instruction to help kids progress in their literacy and ignite the spark that comes from personal investment and ownership in the process. You’ll love the results!


We believe that a math isn’t something you either just “get” or forever struggle with. To build their capacity and enthusiasm, our Kindergarteners learn in an inquiry-based environment that encourages them to explore mathematical concepts that we see woven into our everyday experiences. We then bring those concepts down to the concrete level, and your children will engage in hands-on learning opportunities focused on the following math strands: Counting, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data, and Geometry.


Keeping with the hands-on, inquiry-based style of learning, our science curriculum brings that approach to four main themes. During the “Observations with Senses” unit, your child experiences the way both people and animals use their senses to explore and survive in the world. In the “Kindergarten in Motion” unit, your kids use everyday objects to learn about forces. The “My Earth” unit has students observing and comparing different earth materials as they consider how we can practice creation-keeping in this world God created. Finally, our “Is it Living?” unit has your child compare living and nonliving things and identify the basic needs of living things.

Social Studies

The Kindergarten social studies units help your children gain an increased awareness of the world and their place in it—including community roles and patriotism. Using the framework of “Myself and Others,” the students learn about history, geography, economics, and government.


As part of Holland Christian’s 1:1 initiative, Kindergarten-4th grade students use iPads in their classrooms because we believe that technology is changing the way students connect, communicate, and collaborate within school, the wider community, and the world. It will be common for you to see a digital story that your son created or watch a video of your daughter’s Bible memory. The teachers also harness the power of iPads to help students shore up the areas of their learning that need a little extra work or even provide a chance to dive deeper into one of their areas of genuine interest or passion.


Somewhere, deep inside, we are musical beings. To discover and cultivate that understanding and appreciation, your child will sing, dance, and move. This exposure and experience prepares your child for further encounters with music later on and taps into their higher-level brain function.

Physical Education

Kindergarten P.E. will help your child develop both her fine and gross motor skills in a variety of small and large group games. Bring on the sports, too! This year is a great introduction to the athletic programs HCS has in store for the years ahead. He’ll also learn the basics of health and wellness in lessons with a practical application for his life. This class meets once each week for the 3-Day+ Kindergarteners and two times each week for the 5-Day Kindergarteners.


Songs, vocabulary words, Bible verses, role-playing, and lyrics launch our Kindergarteners into the world of Spanish language and culture. As with the P.E. classes, the 3-Day+ students meet once a week and the 5-Day students meet twice a week.


Your Kindergartener, if he is enrolled in our 5-day class, will enjoy cultivating his creativity, fine motor skills, and sense of spatial relations in art class. To provide a broader context, Kindergartners learn Art History, including the methods and styles of artists and various time periods. With that in place, your child will create her own art that is sure to amaze you. Students in the 3-Day+ program will begin art class in 1st Grade.