All the parent stuff:

We realize, parents, that there’s a whole lot of info coming your way right now in the form of emails, permission slips to sign, and informational newsletters. This is not meant to add to them, but to let you know that if you missed something the first time through, that’s okay, and we have a back-up plan for you on our HCS website: It’s the “Parents Tab” under the “Schools” link on the top of our webpage: Under that link, you’ll find access to school supply lists, bus transportation sign ups and date changes, hot lunch menus and sign ups, as well as lunch money account access. You can catch the newsletters from each of your kids’ schools, double check their schedules and even their grades all from this handy drop-down menu.

Of course, you’re always welcome to just call and talk to a real person during school hours, and all that contact info is also available on our website from the “Contact” link at the very top right of our HCS website:

Looking forward to a great school year together!