/ An Apple Distinguished Program Since 2010

Holland Christian Schools has been named an Apple Distinguished School and/or Program since 2010. Most recently it has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program for 2015–2017 for its K-12 1:1 program that puts Apple devices in the hands of each student. At Holland Christian Schools, students in grades K-4 each have access to an iPad, and 5th-12th grade students each receive a Macbook Air or a Macbook Pro.

The Apple Distinguished Program designation is reserved for programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments.

The selection of Holland Christian Schools as an Apple Distinguished Program highlights the system’s success as an innovative and compelling learning environment that engages students and provides tangible evidence of academic accomplishment. Whether conducting experiments for the Holland area, energy initiatives or Skyping with mission workers around the world or exploring animal habitats through virtual tours, the intentional incorporation of technology has allowed our teachers to expand the walls of their classrooms, allowing students to access information, experts, and experiences that enrich and deepen their learning.

We are continuously growing and sharing our successes both in the classroom and within the expanded education community. For more information on the Apple Distinguished Program, please click here.