The purpose of our Fine Arts Department is to glorify our Creator and celebrate our roles as His image bearers through creative expression and invention! We practice patience and encouragement to learn from our mistakes and each other. As students grow in their knowledge of art, it is our hope they will take these experiences and share their art to bring joy, beauty, and truth to God’s world. We invite you to come and see, touch, play, sing, dance, listen, view, and appreciate with us!

Starting already in kindergarten, art education in Holland Christian elementary schools is a balanced study of the elements of art, composition, and art history. Students explore a variety of mediums while learning important skills and both local and international subjects, all aligned carefully with their regular classroom curricula. We help students paint with more detail, create depth in their work, and explore shadows and perspective. We teach a knowledge of skills and understanding so they can respect how others see, think, and express themselves both today and throughout art history.

Lower elementary classes enjoy music through singing and playing instruments in music class regularly, while 4th and 5th graders are introduced to band and orchestra. Fourth grade students are able to participate in orchestra by learning the violin.

In 6th grade, students choose whether to participate in band, orchestra, or choir and meet three times a week with their chosen group. The 6th grade band marches in the area’s annual Tulip Time parades. Seventh and eighth grade students are able to participate in band, orchestra, or choir, each group again meeting three times a week. Besides giving a concert each semester, band and orchestra students typically participate in Solo & Ensemble in November and the local MSBOA District 10 Festival in March. The middle school band also participates in the Tulip Time parades.

Middle school art celebrates the unique and varied talents and personalities of our students. Building on skills and media introduced in elementary school, middle school artists work on increasing their confidence and pride in their artwork. They build clay 3D pieces, learn watercolor techniques, and practice drawing realistically using basic shapes, perspective drawing, and shading using pencil and charcoal, and more. Students enjoy a semester of Art each year not only to build their skills, but also to learn to express themselves visually and appreciate the visual culture around them.

Seventh and eighth graders are introduced to Holland Christian’s theatre program through their winter play. Plays are selected that require a large cast and set crew in an effort to involve all students who are interested in being in the play.

High school students can participate in a wide array of fine arts programs. Included in this list of offerings is band, orchestra, and the various groups that comprise the instrumental music program. Along with band and orchestra, a large population of HCHS is involved in choir, theatre, and the visual arts department. You can explore each of these different strands of the arts at HCS through their separate web pages.

“I liked the personal relationships I could form with the staff which helped me academically, personally, and spiritually. Talking to teachers about their experiences in education or life is really valuable.”