There is one thing we as Christians do on Earth that we continue to do in Heaven. That is to praise and worship God. That is why we view life on Earth, for those who love Jesus, as choir practice for Heaven. To say that praise and worship is the most important category of music today is an understatement. In light of that, there is no more important activity of the human heart than to praise and worship God. This is the reason we exist. This is our purpose. This is also the mission of the Holland Christian High School Vocal Music Department. We are committed to helping each of our students experience the manifest presence of God and develop a lifestyle of worship through music. We do this through our Freshmen/Sophomore and Junior/Senior Choirs as well as our traveling performance group, Living Hope.

For more information contact:
Erika Blom, Choral Director


“I like that we can freely worship Christ. I also enjoy the overall feel of Holland Christian. It’s very welcoming to new students, and very welcoming to students who have been going their whole life. I also enjoy the character of the people here and how inclusive they are.”