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Spring Show – Charley’s Aunt

Jack Chesney loves Kitty Verdun and Charley loves Miss Amy Spettigue. They invite the ladies to meet Charley’s wealthy aunt from out of town. Cancelling her visit at the last minute, the millionaire aunt sends the boys into cataclysmic confusion. What do they do now? The problem is solved by drafting their Oxford undergrad pal into a black satin skirt, bloomers and wig. As “Charley’s Aunt,” this charming frump is introduced to the ladies, to Jack’s father and to Stephen Spettigue, Amy’s guardian. When the real aunt turns up, classic comic confusion ensues as Fancourt Babberley, posing as “Charley’s Aunt,” tricks Spettigue into agreeing to the marriage of his ward, the real aunt marries Jack’s father, and Jack gets Miss Verdun.

Auditions: February 24
April 24 & 25


February 2020

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“I love the environment of the school. I know there are people all around me that are willing to talk to anyone. Also, the teachers are all very kind, approachable, and understanding. It’s going to be hard leaving a school that feels like family and is a Christian atmosphere.”

-Helen Lim 


*Titles marked with an asterisk designate competitive MIFA state championships

2019-2020: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Spoonriver Anthology, Charley’s Aunt
2018-2019: Cinderella, Much Ado About Nothing*, Yellow Boat | Steel Magnolias
2017-2018: RAGS, Silent Sky*, The Westing Game
2016-17: Footloose, Lend Me a Tenor*, Pride & Prejudice
2015-16: Godspell, Dogfight, You Can’t Take it With You
2014-15: Music Man, Shakespeare in Hollywood, Wrinkle in Time
2013-14: Fiddler on the Roof, Wit*, Rumors
2012-13: Once Upon a Mattress, The Government Inspector, The Crucible
2011-12: Bye Bye Birdie, Diary of Anne Frank, Fools
2010-11: Guys and Dolls, Suds, The Elephant Man
2009-10: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Rags*, Much Ado About Nothing
2008-09: High School Musical, Noises Off, Flowers for Algernon
2007-08: West Side Story, I Never Saw Another Butterfly, Rumors
2006-07: HONK!, Lend Me a Tenor*, 12 Angry Jurors
2005-06: The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, The Grapes of Wrath, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
2004-05: Magician’s Nephew & The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe, Annie, Thieves’ Carnival, The Crucible
2003-04: Cheaper By the Dozen, Footloose, The Yellow Boat, Noises Off
2002-03: Anne of Green Gables, Joseph, Scarlet Pimpernel, Grapes of Wrath
2001-02: Importance Of Being Earnest, Blood Brothers, Scarlet Pimpernel
2000-01: Murder’s In the Heir, Suds, Fiddler on the Roof
1999-00: The Foreigner & Steel Magnolias, Rags, Oliver
1998-99: Diary Anne Frank/Return Forbidden Planet*/Bye Bye Birdie
1997-98: Charley’s Aunt, All About Eve, Rags
1996-97: Musical Comedy Murders 1940, Pippin, Hello Dolly!
1995-96: A Christmas Carol, Ordinary People, Oklahoma!
1994-95: Lend Me a Tenor, Pippin
1993-94: The Miracle Worker, My Fair Lady
1992-93: The Man Who Came to Dinner, Sound of Music
1991-92: I Remember Mama, West Side Story
1990-91: Importance Of Being Earnest, Fiddler on the Roof
1989-90: Rehearsal for Murder, The King and I
1988-89: Imaginary Invalid, Pride and Prejudice
1988: The Death and Life of Larry Benson
1987: Onions in the Stew
1986: We’re All Guilty
1985: David and Lisa
1984: The Crucible
1983: Where the Lilies Bloom
1982: Our Town
1981: To Kill a Mockingbird
1980: The Miser
1979: Cheaper by the Dozen
1978: Up the Down Staircase
1977: Diary of Anne Frank
1976: Flowers for Algernon
1975: The Miracle Worker
1974: Charley’s Aunt
1973: The Man Who Came to Dinner
1972: Our Town
1971: Another Language
1970: I Remember Mama
1969: A Boy With a Cart
1968: Good Morning, Miss Dove
1967: Pride and Prejudice