Here in the land of art at Holland Christian we continue to participate together in the ever changing process of making…that decision filled process of searching, discovering, recognizing, beginning, starting over, beginning again, pausing, noticing…it’s what we all do over and over and over again as artists. We choose pick up a pencil, a crayon, a piece of clay, a stone; we see one line beside another line and decide to connect them; we notice the corresponding tilts between shoulders and hips; we center our subjects or off center our subjects; we think a piece is lost, keep working and then find it again; we recognize patterns, associate objects, and realize that our images, marks, lines, and imaginations can pour life into clay, paper, wire, walls…

The process of creating is a wonderful thing to witness. It is not easily defined, neat and tidy, or predictable. But it is engaging, surprising, and alive. Creating is often filled with questions, uncertainty, and mystery…and sometimes we aren’t comfortable with this ambiguity. But beauty itself is mysterious, and mystery is certainly a part of wonder…and what could be more wondrous than God’s ever-changing world? In the art department at Holland Christian, it is our hope that as we create, we can embrace mystery, find comfort (or at least become familiar with) ambiguity, re-encounter wonder, re-encounter our imaginations, and in turn re-encounter the wonder of God’s world.

I love going to this school! Holland Christian helps me grow stronger with my relationship with God. I love all the kind teachers that help me with not just learning, but other things like gym, Spanish, art, and orchestra.

Maddie Brink ’17