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Boys Lacrosse: May 11th

@ Grand Ledge


Holland Christian 6 | Grand Ledge 3 Read More: Boys Lacrosse: May 11th

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Boys Lacrosse: May 9th

vs Grand Haven


Holland Christian 11 | Grand Haven 4


Holland Christian 5 | Grand Haven 6 Read More: Boys Lacrosse: May 9th

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Boys Lacrosse: May 7th

vs West Ottawa


Holland Christian 11 | West Ottawa 6


Holland Christian 6 | West Ottawa 11 Read More: Boys Lacrosse: May 7th

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Coach Cody Zoerhof

Raw Materials Planner at Perrigo – 3rd year coaching (3rd Overall)

Coaching to me is much more than just teaching an athlete his assignment or improving upon their athletic ability. It is the opportunity to lead by example and to teach the athletes leadership and teamwork skills that they can apply to the rest of their lives. Lacrosse has been a huge part of my life and I’m excited to the have opportunity to pass on my passion and knowledge for the sport. More importantly, I hope to illustrate that athletics at Holland Christian is an incredible opportunity for the students to display a Christ-like presence on the playing field. I strive to make a positive impact on the lives of my athletes each year and I always look forward to the new things I can learn from them.


Coach Nick Genzink

Leasing Agent for Lakeshores Property Management – 2nd year coaching (2nd Overall)

I coach because of my love for the game and how it has impacted my life. The game of lacrosse teaches life skills that benefit players far beyond just this season and I look forward to coaching our students to grow into and utilize what they learn.