Last year almost 400 high school student-athletes participated on at least one of Holland Christian High School’s 40 teams, and were led by almost 100 carefully chosen and capable coaches. We’ve realized through this involvement that being a “Maroon” is not just something most of our students desire to add to their school day, but it has actual depth and worth as they grow in our core value areas of relationships, gratitude, perseverance, humility, passion and character. Athletics at Holland Christian is proud to be an extension of the classroom for our students, and we also desire to use athletics as an opportunity to put knowing God on display, while also teaching many of the traits important for future local business employees as well as valued community members. Our sports teams are another way to meet the school’s mission to transform our community and world for Jesus Christ–and our coaching staff well knows this tall and important task of our mission as they connect with student-athletes and teach their sport with competence inside of His Kingdom.

Although HCHS students pay a small fee to play sports at HCHS, the cost of the sports and its equipment exceeds the income from those fees, which is why we rely on CHAMPS for additional equipment and facilities needs. CHAMPS, or “Christian High Athletics Membership Project Supporters,” is a group of volunteers who work to promote fundraising projects for needed equipment and facilities for all sports at all levels, and actively work to promote greater interest in the total Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian athletic programs.

CHAMPS enjoys partnering with community supporters to assist the athletic department in seeking excellence in programming, and we have a variety of opportunities for you to get involved. Due to the number and diversity of spectators attending, our events are an attractive option for many of our sponsors’ marketing needs, while all donations are fully tax deductible. If you are interested in donating or sponsoring any of our athletic events or programing, you can read more how to do that here.

We invite you to continue with, or start a partnership with CHAMPS and Holland Christian Athletics in equipping our student-athletes to impact the world for Christ!

For additional information and follow up, please contact:

Dave Engbers
Athletic Director and CHAMPS Board Member
(616) 820-2914

/ Get Involved

We need your help! There are many ways you can help to support HCS and ZCS athletic programs. If you have a passion for affordable athletics in a Christian context, we have a spot for you. Volunteers are always needed: from one-time commitments in the concession stand, to joining a committee, to being a part of the CHAMPS board, there is a way for you to plug in. Opportunities include:


We are adding to our concessions team. There are a variety of ways you can help, depending on your interests and the time you can commit. Contact Jennifer Bieri to be emailed a concessions volunteer sign up, or call her at (616) 820-2916.

Maroon and White Shop

CHAMPS sells all different types of Holland Christian logo clothing. If you’d like to know more about the prices and selection available, please contact the High School by calling (616) 820-2905.


Be a part a part of the Board who oversees the CHAMPS booster program.

Special Events

Periodically CHAMPS sponsors and organizes special events to promote athletics and raise funds, including both of our mens and women’s golf outings, described in the brochure here. Let us know if you have ideas, or are interested in serving on a committee. To volunteer for either of the above opportunities, please contact Craig Spoelhof at (616) 399-8809.

Donation & Sponsorship Opportunities

There are a variety of ways you can either directly donate to CHAMPS, or sponsor almost anything from a particular sporting event to custom water bottles sold at our concessions stands. To read more about these various ways of sponsoring, check out our Donation & Sponsorship form here.

 CHAMPS Coupon Books

CHAMPS sells coupon books for $25. The book includes coupons for local restaurants, businesses, and golf courses. Coupon Books can be purchased at the Holland Christian Administration Office, Quality Car Wash, Russ’ Restaurants, and South Side Inn.