Rose Park Newsletter

Dear Rose Park Parents and Friends,

What a journey this summer has been. Hasn’t it? Like none other. So many questions, unknowns and conflicting news reports creating a sense of unrest. I know that it has been difficult to remain calm and confident regarding how to plan well for your child’s comfort and well being. We deeply appreciate that you have entrusted us with caring for your child’s spiritual, academic, social and emotional growth. We treasure each child. We commit to giving our ALL to grow his or her gifts and will communicate with you regularly.

This Monday morning, August 17, all teachers are embarking on our professional development week of learning together. We’re beginning this day is a beautiful, peaceful setting. We’re reconvening and launching this school year together in a beautiful scratch of raw, organic creation. We will be allowing the words spoken years ago by our Lord to soak into our soul and refresh our spirit. I wonder if you might find a sense of renewal too from the lessons Jesus offered that are so applicable today. Found in Matthew 6. Jesus calls upon his followers to consider the birds of the air and the flowers of the field. How are Creator cares for our feathered friends and dresses the flowers of the field so splendidly. How much more doesn’t he care for each one of us. “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Jesus calls upon us to release our worry. To let go and let God. 

In all things. At all times. Even now.

Some days are easier than others but, let’s be real, that’s hard! Especially when it comes to our sweet children! I know that God designed us to live in community and it’s times like these that I find the power in that truth. More than ever before let’s lean on one another. Let’s share concerns with one another. Listen and support one another. Offer authentic friendship and laughter. And grace. We all stand in need of copious amounts of grace these days. Perhaps in those friendships, laughter, grace and love we might be serving God and helping each other release our worry and trust in our good, good Father.

I invite you to converse with me about anything and deepen our friendship this year. I will listen to your wonderings, ideas and concerns. Let’s talk together and pray together. Consider yourself invited to office hours with me! The second Friday of the month, September 11, I will hold open office hours at Rose Park from 8:30-9:30. The third Friday of the month, September 18, I will hold open office hours at Forest School from 8:30-9:30.

In the meantime, enjoy a summer walk this week and allow the words of our Savior to wash over you and wash away some of that worry. Perhaps, together, as we celebrate and love our children, we might replace the worry with trust and JOY!

Photo credit and permission Christy Berghoef



HC 2020-2021 Theme

Our community theme for the 2020-2021 school year is appropriately “Woven Together”. We have learners engaging both in person and through our new virtual program, HC Sync. We have many families we love who have chosen to learn at home for this school year. No matter where members of our community are learning and growing this year. God is with us and we remain Woven Together in Him. For a bit more depth and reflection on our school theme or, perhaps for a family devotion, please click here.


We want our children to play outside regularly each day, to meet new friends and yet to minimize exposure to large groups of children. We believe we’ve reached a safe arrangement for outside recess play while still allowing children to meet new friends and play with those in their grade level in other classes. Our students will cohort at recess time by two grade bands at a time.

  • Kindergarten and first graders will play together for recess each day from 9:45-10:00, 11:00-11:30 (lunch will be served AFTER recess…we think they’ll be nice and hungry when they come in from playing hard!) and 1:45-2:00.
  • Second and third graders will play together from 10:00-10:15, 11:30-12:00 and 2:00-2:15.
  • Fourth and fifth graders will play outside from 10:15-10:30, 12:00-12:30 and 1:45-2:00.

Children will not be required to wear masks while at play outdoors. However, if you would prefer they do wear their masks, please communicate so with your child’s teacher. We’ll do our best to enforce the mask wearing for you little ones while outside if that is your desire.

Outdoor Learning

Teachers will be exploring the landscape of outdoor learning this year! We have many sites that are in and around Holland for our learners to engage in. Not only is the fresh air healthy for students, we are also learning about real life, concrete connections waiting for little explorers to deepen their learning. This week a team from the Outdoor Discovery Center will be training our teachers on safety protocols and practices. I’m so grateful for our diligent yet adventurous teachers willing to engage our children in safe and healthy learning experiences this year. Teachers will be expected to wear a mask outdoors if they are within six feet of children. However, if they are further than six feet from the children during their learning adventures, teachers may take a mask break and smile BIG at their students. We will be exploring permissions and effectiveness of transparent masks as we begin this school year.

Supply Lists

If you are still doing some back to school shopping, here is the supplies list by grade level that you can also find on the HC website.

Important To Do Today

It is important that Holland Christian has accurate contact and emergency information in PowerSchool. When you access your student’s profile, please also check your family’s contact information and make any needed updates using the Demographic Change page. If you are unable to make changes in PowerSchool and you know that changes should be made to your address, phone number, email address or emergency contacts, please contact Carla or Laura in the Rose Park Office, 616-820-4055.


Just a reminder that all Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, and Preschool students need to have a copy of the health information and immunizations turned in at school. These need to be done BEFORE the first day of school. Please turn them in this week! Thanks so much for your help on this!

Parent Night is Going Virtual This Year!

Teachers are working to create an official welcome video providing families with helpful information pertinent to the school year from their classroom perspective. You will receive this video on Tuesday, August 18.

Classroom Visit Day

Roll out the red carpet! We’d like to offer parents and students the opportunity to meet the teacher in person and see their child’s classroom! Please mark your calendar for the evening of August 20. You will receive an email to sign up for a time slot to visit the classroom and meet your teacher! Parents can choose to sign up for a 15 minute time slot from 5:00-7:00 p.m. on the evening of August 20. We are excited to the moon and back to meet you and your child and welcome you into our classrooms!

Welcome New Staff to Rose Park!

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to these new staff members at Rose Park this year!

Since our most recent post, we are celebrating the addition of two new staff members at Rose Park!

  • Mrs. Laura Rotman has graciously accepted the offer to serve alongside Mrs. Carla Chase at our front desk. She is eager to partner with our beloved Mrs. Chase in providing hospitality to all of our guests and support your family and our teachers at both Rose Park as well as the Forest. Mrs. Chase’s days will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Rotman will be Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Mrs. Abi Rodriguez will be serving as our new HC Sync Remote Learning Teacher. She will lead the collaboration and coordination of our students at home with their classroom communities here at Rose Park. We’re so grateful she has accepted this innovative learning adventure with us!
  • Mrs. Hannah York will be our new K-4 music teacher. She comes to us with several years of elementary music education in another Christian school. She is eager to build appreciation for music and develop our children’s gifts in bringing glory to God through the gift of music! Welcome, Mrs. York!
  • Mrs. Andrea Cantu will serve as our new second grade teacher in our second grade Spanish Immersion class. Many of you are already aware of this as she’s been busy connecting with her students all summer long! We also welcome her first grade son, Seth this year! Welcome, Mrs. Cantu and Seth!

Again, please join in welcoming these new staff members to Rose Park, and pray for them as they begin these new roles!

Elementary Handbook

Whether you are new or experienced at Rose Park, for your convenience, here is a link to our Elementary Handbook found on the HC website. Please refer to the handbook for general information, or with specific questions you may have about life at Rose Park

Important Busing and Carpool Information

Due to our different start dates between our local schools, West Ottawa busing will not begin until Tuesday September 1st. This means, obviously, that you will need to provide all transportation for each student to and from school. A shuttle bus will run between Rose Park and the high school and middle school beginning our first day of school.

If you desire busing for your student but have not yet signed up through West Ottawa transportation, you are technically past their June due date. However, if you register now, your student may be able to begin riding later in September. To sign up, go to the HC Transportation page under West Ottawa busing on West Ottawa’s site.

This also means that we have more car traffic and carpool activity at the start than any other time of the year. Please remind yourself of our communal expectations regarding Carpool, Parking Lot, and Driveway at Rose Park.  Here are a few highlights:

  • When your car is in the loading zone area – please turn on your hazard lights UNTIL you have all the children in your carpool, then turn lights off.
  • If you are in the loading zone, and your child does not see you or has not come to your car, feel free to ask the person on duty to help your riders find their way to your car. Please stay inside of your car.
  • Do not allow your children to come to your car if you are not yet in the loading area.
  • Please use the carpool plan whenever possible.  If you must come and get your children from the sidewalk, please park in the designated parking spots and walk in front of the loading zone area, not between cars that are waiting in the carpool lanes.

To alleviate the extra traffic we will experience that first week of school, please stagger pick-up times at the end of the day:

  • If you are the driver of a carpool and your last name begins with A-I, please try to be in carpool line at 3:15 PM.
  • If you are the driver of a carpool and your last name begins with J-P, aim for 3:20 PM.
  • Drivers with a last name beginning with Q-Z, please arrive closer to 3:25 PM.


For those of you really planning ahead, Rose Park’s picture days are Wednesday, September 16, and Thursday, September 17. More specific information and scheduling will come once we are underway through classroom and the Rose Park blogs.

Hot Lunch Menu

You can find our August/September Hot Lunch Menu here.

HC Batons

We hope you have treasured the note written to your child from last year’s teacher and tucked inside the special HC baton. It’s not too late to write your own note to your child, or ask a close family friend, leader, or mentor to write their encouragement to your child about what they see as God’s gifts in your student at this point in their growing. We ask that each baton be returned to school. Your child’s teacher has a special devotional planned during which batons will be passed from your child to his or her new teacher. You are welcome to bring these batons to the Classroom Visit event or on the first day of school, whichever is most convenient for you.

Before/After School Programs

We offer a before school program for families that need to drop off students as early as 7:30 AM, as well as our after school program starting at 3:15 until 5:30.  Families need to pre-register prior to using these programs to allow us time to provide adequate supervision.  We will allow drop-in’s as long as space allows. Please give the office a call at least 24 hours in advance. Click this online registration link  to begin the registration process for either of these programs.  If you have any questions regarding these programs please contact program director Tammy Grassmid at 616-820-3535.


While we will still send home the occasional email, monthly information from the office, as well as the weekly notes from classroom teachers, will be posted on each teacher’s blog page, as well as Rose Park’s blog page updated monthly. We will send out the links for blog pages for you to bookmark in your browser very soon. If and when papers that need to be returned to school are sent home, we will notify you of this in our blogs, as well.

Thank You!

Join us in thanking our custodian Nona Westfall, and her team 0f Kathy Kuipers, Michelle Kuipers, Caleb Rietman, Emily Vos, Piper Dekkinga, and Allie Dekkinga  for all of their work to ready our building for students, staff, and the new school year.  They washed, scrubbed, and waxed during our summer vacation, getting the classrooms and halls ready for us to use and enjoy, and they look great!


Please refer to the following dates for HC bussing:
August 24 – RP Shuttle starts for MS and HS.  HC will run the shuttle until WO starts school.
September 7 – West Ottawa bussing starts for RP.

Upcoming Dates:


18 – Virtual Parent Night
20 – Preschool-5th grade Classroom Visit 5:00-7:00
24 – First day is a full Day, 8:10AM-3:15PM


4- No School Labor day

7 – No School Labor Day

16 – Picture Day
17 – Picture Day


8- Grandparents Day – More info to come

19 – Parent/Teacher Conferences
20 – Parent/Teacher Conferences

22-23- No School CEA Convention
28  – Picture Retake