Blake Gebben #MyReasonWhy

I am a sophomore at Holland Christian High school. I have the privilege of playing Football and Basketball. For part of my winterim athletic leadership class we went to a few different business and all of the business owners said that being part of a team is very important because it can translate to later in my life when I will be on a team at work. One of my assignments for the class was to write the reason why I play high school sports.  The NFHS has a campaign for students to share #MyReasonWhy.

I play sports because ever since I was a little kid I loved sports. I loved the competitive side of the game and the relationships you build with your teammates. Virtually all of my friends play sports. The bond you have with your teammates is a brotherhood that allows you to stretch each other through difficult competitions on some days and value each other as best friends on others. Teammates go through the thick and thin together.  Through the tough practices and the exciting wins of the season. I am not sure what I would do if I wasn’t able to play sports with my teammates!

Blake Gebben