Boys Basketball Earns Top 100 Sportsmanship Award

Following each regular season basketball game, officials are asked by the MHSAA to provide feedback on the sportsmanship of the school’s players, coaches, administrators and fans.  At the end of the season, schools are ranked by their sportsmanship scores from the officials.  The top 100 teams out of the approximately 750 MHSAA member schools are given the distinction of the Top 100 Sportsmanship Award.  Congratulations to the boys basketball program for earning this achievement from the results of last year’s 2018 basketball season.  Holland Christian is proud of the culture Coach David Kool represents and what Holland Christian desires to be known for.  The banner will hang in the gymnasium next to the girls basketball Top 100 banner earned in 2017.  A special thank you to Pure Sweat Basketball and the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan for sponsorship of this award.