Why Educational Athletics?

Sports are “the most important of unimportant things.” I came across that description in Brian Bolt’s book Sports. Faith. Life.  But, it was not until the recent pandemic that I really [...]

Strength and Conditioning Workouts

June 1 – 14 From March 16 through May 31, Daily Individual Workouts for Holland Christian athletes were posted on this blog.  We transitioned to summer workouts, but due to the [...]

Summer Sports Camps

We are still planning on holding our 2020 HC Summer Sports Camps this summer, but all June camps have shifted into July 13 - August 6.  There are a couple of [...]

NFL Award

Senior Matthew Spaulding is the National Football League's (NFL) recipient of their high school "Way To Play" award for week 3. The 2019 season is the second [...]

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