FS Newsletter – October 2020

Our calendar has flipped to October. With that comes all of the beauty and excitement autumn brings. We will be exploring the brilliance of color that bursts forth at this time of year. Animals [...]

Week 1! We Did It!

Good Afternoon, Parents! Consider this note a ‘high 5’ for a week well done! We’re so grateful that you have entrusted us with your children. We have been in prayerful [...]

Forest School Newsletter

Dear Forest Friends, What a journey this summer has been. Hasn’t it? Like none other. So many questions, unknowns and conflicting news reports creating a sense of unrest. I know that it has [...]

FS/SS/PR Newsletter – June 2020

This ending is not like any of us would have thought when the school year began in August. Who would have known how to join a “Zoom” meeting? Or how to organize one? Or what Zoom even was? We [...]