RP Newsletter – October 2020

Our calendar has flipped to October. With that comes all of the beauty and excitement autumn brings. We will be exploring the brilliance of color that bursts forth at this time of year. Animals [...]

Rose Park Newsletter – September 2020

Dear Rose Park Family and Friends, Have you ever trained for an athletic event? If you’ve participated in a training program of any sort you’re likely familiar with the concept that [...]

First Day Details

Classroom Visits We are so excited to welcome you and your family to Rose Park this evening. This will be a celebratory event we’ve been anticipating for MONTHS! We are grateful to be Woven [...]

Rose Park Newsletter

Dear Rose Park Parents and Friends, What a journey this summer has been. Hasn’t it? Like none other. So many questions, unknowns and conflicting news reports creating a sense of unrest. I [...]

Details of Our School Days

Preschool Details Welcome to Holland Christian Schools!  We are grateful and excited that you have chosen Christian education at Rose Park Christian School, and we look forward to getting to know [...]

Back To School

Greetings to each of you, Rose Park friends! I have missed you. We have missed your children. Thank you for your patience in receiving the many necessary details regarding our back-to-school plan [...]

Rose Park Newsletter June 2020

This week we’ve been blessed with a good deal of sticky sunshine, a tangible reminder that the school year is giving way to summer months. This transition from spring to summer is unlike [...]

RP Newsletter – March 2020

  Dear Rose Park Family and Friends, Wednesday marked an important day on the Church calendar. We observed the beginning of the Lenten season on this day. The history of the Lent is an [...]

RP Newsletter – February 2020

Dear Rose Park Family and Friends, February is often marked and marketed as the month of Love. Maybe the timing of the focus is an effort to combat the dreary climate February is notorious for. [...]

RP Newsletter – January 2020

Dear Rose Park Family and Friends, It’s 2020! It’s been wonderful to fill our hallways and learning spaces with the sights and sounds of our students learning, laughing and loving [...]

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