November Discovery Events

Since 2020 brings so many unknowns, it makes sense to plan ahead and visit us in November to learn more about our various preschool and kindergarten programs for the 21-22 school [...]

Thanks Auction Supporters!

A huuuuge thank you to all of you who donated, participated, bid, bought, watched, cheered us on, laughed with us even virtually, and in general did all you could to help make [...]

Tuition Grant Auction Oct. 10-17

The Holland Christian Tuition Grant Fund Auction is going virtual! It’s hard to foresee what the future holds so we’re creating a fun and interactive virtual auction experience that will allow [...]

All the parent stuff:

We realize, parents, that there's a whole lot of info coming your way right now. This post is not meant to add to them, but to let you know that if you missed something the first time through, [...]

HCS 2020 theme: Woven Together

There is an old Sunday-school song “Bind us together, Lord, bind us together with cords that cannot be broken.” Even though the lyrics are simple, the meaning is deep. It is a [...]

School Starts Monday, August 24!

School begins for preschool through middle school students on Monday, August 24--and we can't wait to see them all! New HCHS students, including freshmen, have [...]

Forest School Newsletter

Dear Forest Friends, What a journey this summer has been. Hasn’t it? Like none other. So many questions, unknowns and conflicting news reports creating a sense of unrest. I know that it has [...]

HC Live Streaming + OK-Blue Options

We are so proud of our student-produced HC Live athletic event streaming--and especially grateful for it now more than ever. While HC Live is not able to stream all athletic [...]

2020 Athletic Parent Night

The summer is an annual time to take account of and reassess our perspective on middle school and high school sports for the upcoming school year.  We have the unique ability to place Christ at [...]

40 Days of Prayer

In the opening page of his book, Prayer, Richard Foster says, “For too long we have been in a far off country: a country of noise and hurry and crowds, a country of [...]