District Volleyball Tickets – Digital Only

The MHSAA has used digital ticketing for a number of championship events in recent years and is working with GoFan ticketing to expand digital tickets into all rounds of fall tournaments.  The benefits include paperless, contactless, cashless and a simple online ticket-buying experience as well as data collection for potential contact tracing purposes.

The MHSAA Division 2 District 45 is hosted by Hamilton High School.  Holland Christian opens up play on Wednesday, November 4, versus South Christian.  Tickets are only available digitally through GoFan.  Holland Christian has 175 semifinal tickets allotted and will offer them to player families as soon as they are available.  Any remaining tickets will be open to the general public as early as Tuesday at 6pm.  District Final tickets will be available on Thursday, the day of the championship game.  Each ticket is $7.30 ($6.00 + $1.00 fee + 5% fee).  All spectators must wear masks and practice appropriate distancing.  The full cost of the ticket will be reimbursed if the game is cancelled.

Ticket purchasers can check out as a guest or create an account with GoFan.  Validating tickets will happen at the gate, so purchasers must have a smart phone with them at the gate with their tickets pulled up.  Tickets must not be validated before the gate.  Screen shots or paper tickets cannot be validated.  Tickets can be transferred to other people through email or text after purchase.  If an individual does not have or use a smart phone, they will need another person to purchase tickets for them and enter the game together with tickets on another person’s device.

Purchase tickets through the GoFan Event: gofan.co/app/events/140771


Holland Christian’s GoFan Page: gofan.co/app/school/MI10154

Helpful Short Videos:
How To Buy Tickets
Accessing & Sharing Tickets
How To Validate Tickets