Creating an endowment is a meaningful way to create a lasting legacy to help provide affordable, Christian education for generations to come. A Holland Christian endowment can be set up with a minimum gift of $10,000 and can be named in honor of family or friends as desired. These funds are managed under the guidance of Holland Chrisitan’s Investment Committee. After the first year of growth, 5% is drawn from the endowment fund and distributed per the guidelines that are established between the donor and Holland Christian Schools, and continues on an annual basis. After it’s initial deposit, your endowment can be added to with any amount of money at any time. The more the endowment grows through donations and investments, the bigger the impact becomes!

Holland Christian currently has approximately 50 endowments in place, which distributed over $157,000 in gifts during the 2019/202 school year. The majority of these endowments are directed to benefit the Tuition Grant Fund or Tuition Assistance, which can benefit families beyond the 49% maximum of the TGF. Other school endowments have been created to impact areas of donor passions, including diversity, professional development, the arts and more.

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Interested in learning more or setting up an endowment in honor of your family, a friend or church? Contact Leanne Halma, Director of Advancement, at 616.820.2819 or at

Endowed Funds & Scholarships

Tuition Grant Fund Endowments

  • Peter & Jennie Brat Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Class of 1955 Scholarship Fund
  • Riley Hoeksema Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Herman & Sue Jansen Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Raymond & Helene Kolk Tuition Grant Fund Endowment
  • Wilbur & Sharon Lettinga Scholarship Fund
  • Della S. Potts Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Edward  & Ruth Slenk Scholarship Fund
  • Robert E. & Trudi Slenk Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Nelson & Florence Slot Scholarship Fund
  • James & Hildred Strikwerda Scholarship Fund
  • The Tuition Grant Fund Endowment
  • VanAppledorn Family Endowment Fund
  • Janice and Alan VanHaitsma Scholarship Fund
  • Wilbert & Barbara Venema Scholarship Fund
  • William & Betty Vogelzang Tuition Grant Scholarship Fund
  • Ted Zwiep Memorial Scholarship Fund

Diversity Endowments

  • Minority Scholarship Fund
  • Glenn and Marcia Vos Minority Student Endowment Fund
  • Park CRC Christian Education Endowment Fund

Tuition Assistance Endowments

  • Caauwe Tuition Assistance Fund
  • Benjamin & Gertrude Dykstra Tuition Assistance Fund
  • Grethel (Stegink) Genzink Tuition Assistance Fund
  • Robert & Shirley Hertel Tuition Assistance Fund
  • Suzanne Jacobusse Fund
  • Johnson Family John 15 Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund
  • Nathan J. Marcus Endowment Fund
  • Blaise Pascal Science Student Endowment Fund
  • VandenBosch Tuition Assistance Fund
  • Sylvia VanderMeulen Tuition Assistance Fund
  • Paul VerHage Scholarship Fund

Endowed Scholarships

  • Amy Slenk Handley Memorial Scholarship
  • Jason Thomas (JT) Haveman Memorial Scholarship
  • Carla Hekman Scholarship
  • Kiemel Grant
  • Carol Marcusse Lont Memorial Scholarship
  • Ryan Los Memorial Scholarship
  • John A. Swets Memorial Scholarship
  • David “Leem” Van Langevelde Leadership Resource Scholarship
  • William and Betty Vogelzang Scholarship
  • Justin and Hilda Volkers Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Daniel Ward and Isabelle Faith Honderd Memorial Scholarship Fund

Other School Endowments

  • Gertrude Bomers Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Klaas Bulthuis Endowment Fund
  • DeBoer Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Robert & Shirley Hertel Enrichment Activities Scholarship Fund
  • Hendershot Family Hendershot Family Scholarship Fund
  • Heyns Memorial Library Fund
  • Koster Academy Endowed Fund
  • Maintenance Endowment Fund
  • Dave Slenk Memorial Scholarship Fund