2 books - The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes$25South SideAfter School Program
Guess Who Games (2)$24South SideAfter School Program
Legos - Blue - 405 Piece Set$40South SideAfter School Program
Legos - Pink - 402 Piece Set$40South SideAfter School Program
iPod and Docking Station$300Rose ParkPreschool Department
Camera$150Rose ParkPreschool Department
Cricut Expressions 2 Die Cut Machine$500Rose ParkPreschool Department
Stylus for iPads$3 Per StudentRose ParkK-4
Lakeshore Sensory Tub$179Rose ParkPreschool Department
Lakeshore Washable Sensory Play Set$139Rose ParkPreschool Department
Lakeshore Magna Tiles$129Rose ParkPreschool Department
Classic Birch Magnetic Write & Wipe Big Book Center$259Rose ParkPreschool Department
Magazine Subscriptions$150Rose ParkElementary Library
Reading Incentive Rewards/Prizes$250RP,SS,PRElementary Library
Replace worn copies of fiction favorites, classics, etc.$500RP,SS,PRElementary Library
Multiple copies of favorite books$500RP,SS,PRElementary Library
Spiritual Growth - Chapel Speakers$350MSChapel
8th Grade American History Resources$200MSMedia Center
7th Grade Social Studies Resources$200MSMedia Center
8th Grade Language Arts Resources$250MSMedia Center
White Boards$700MSRooms 104 & 116
PA System$1,500MSMedia Center
Science DVR's$160Pine RidgeGrade 5
Sounds System for Classrooms$1,150Pine Ridge
Mounting Strips for Art WorkPine Ridge
New Signage for Library Bookshelves$100RP,SS,PRElementary Library
Electronic Ball Pump$55HSPE
Kettle Ball Set$400HSPE
Stability Ball Storage$300HSPE
Disk Golf - 30 Disks ($10 ea)$300HSPE
Stability Ball Set--30 Balls ($30 ea)$900HSPE
Teacher's Edition of Document Based Questions$325HSSocial Studies
The History Channel Video Series - The History of Us$70HSSocial Studies
Digital Cameras$700HSScience
Vernier Turbidity Probe (2)$120 eaHSScience
Dissolved Oxygem Probe (2)$210 eaHSScience
Plant Genetics Study (Adv Biology)$50HSScience
Bacterial Transfortation Lab (Adv Biology)$225HSScience
Autoclave (Biology)$5,000HSScience
Infrared Thermometers (7)$20 eaHSScience
Celestron Computerized Telescope$200HSScience
Bookshelf$4,000HSMedia Center
Boardmaker Software$400Rose ParkESS
Audio Books$250Rose ParkESS
Sensory Integration Equipment$750RP,SS,PRESS
Soft Weighted Balls (6)$75RP,SS,PRESS
20" Therapy Ball$26RP,SS,PRESS
Adjustable Height Round T-Stool$55RP,SS,PRESS
Fleece Bags (6)$13RP,SS,PRESS
Lap Weights - Animals$35RP,SS,PRESS
Weighted Blanket$115RP,SS,PRESS
4 Tub Sensory Station$250RP,SS,PRESS
Floor Lamps and Table Lamps$80RP,SS,PRESS
Child's Rocking Chair$60RP,SS,PRESS
Large Mirror$30RP,SS,PRESS
Small Bean Bags$20RP,SS,PRESS
Bean Sack Chair$35RP,SS,PRESS
Hanging Nest Chair$130RP,SS,PRESS
Calming Stone room dividers$170RP,SS,PRESS
Liquid Wave Paper Weights$6RP,SS,PRESS
Sand Pictures$40RP,SS,PRESS
Motion Lamps$30RP,SS,PRESS
SRA Developmental Reading Kit for Fluency$910South Side
Visual Bubble Timers$40South Side
Reading A-Z Online Printable Books$900South Side
A Reason for Spelling - Scripture with Spelling$90South Side
Wet-Dry-Try HWT App$7South Side
Rug - Learning Blocks$470South SidePreschool
Rabbit Buddy$124Rose ParkESS
Tubano Drum (5)$175Rose ParkMusic
Remo Kids Pre-Tuned Frame Drums (5)$75Rose ParkMusic
Kalimba Set - 8 note gourd piano and songbook$65Rose ParkMusic
Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Drum, table size$160Rose ParkMusic
Shakere (large West African Gourd Bead Shaker)$30Rose ParkMusic
Didgeradoo (Australian Instrument)$40Rose ParkMusic