Establish Positive Relationships

Christians enter into tension with Christ’s call to engage with the world, but that is precisely where we need to be.  Holland Christian is a place to inquisitively seek Christ by uncovering every square inch that God claims as His… even in the tangible tension found in sports.  There are many positive benefits to participating in athletics, but at the same time there are many ways our sin causes us to miss the mark.  An easy answer to the problem is to say that sports do not matter and thus mildly compete.  A polar answer would base our identity on things like winning or playing time by making them our central focus.  Neither of these responses enters into the tension in the middle and they ignore how valuable sports can be for student growth.  Holland Christian’s Athletic Core Purposes come from the “process” of athletic competition as we engage with culture in the world of sport.  This is the first of six posts where we will visit each of our six core purposes and a specific trait that connects to them.  These purposes are not just our way of trying to control behavior in sports, they seek athletics to be learning opportunities and are the response to God’s love for us and call to put Him on display.  Our hope is for the Maroons community to better celebrate the process for our student-athletes as we live in the positive tension of His Kingdom in the world.  

1. Establish Positive Relationships – Social Intelligence

“The more socially intelligent you are, the happier and more robust and more enjoyable your relationships will be.” -Daniel Goleman

Students at Holland Christian fall in line with the trend of increased digital and social media communication.  For all the positive outcomes of our digital world, students still need to solve problems together, face to face and in person.  The physical presence of an athletic team and the challenges they face together make our teams an ideal place to do this.  Social Intelligence is understanding your personality, getting along with others who may be different from you and fostering patient cooperation with them.  When athletes experience positive relationships on their team, their energy is spent on opportunities instead of issues.  Our student-athletes need mentoring and a variety of opportunities to achieve this to discover who God made them to be as well as an appreciation for differences in teammates.  A Christ centered athletic team is a great environment for this to happen because students of different backgrounds and personalities are readily welcomed to the group.  There is an increase of self-advocacy because of trust, adaptiveness in the face of challenge and appreciation for supportive teammates. The result is better conflict resolution, communication and collaboration.  Teams with high social intelligence have the glue to propel their team beyond expectations and acquire a trait that is transferable to the rest of their lives.  Take pride in noticing and celebrating positive relationships on our athletic teams.

1. Establish Positive Relationships – Social Intelligence
2. Have Fun – Gratitude
3. Develop Physically – Perseverance
4. Learn Life Lessons – Humility
5. Compete in God Honoring Ways – Passion
6. Build Character – Depth