Learning is best when it’s relevant for students—when they see its connection to the world around them. And few opportunities offer the level of concrete relevance that a nature-based program does, besides dovetailing beautifully with HC’s mission and faith-formative focus—that the Lord cares deeply about the world He made, and we, as His followers, love the things He loves, including His creation. Research on outdoor education has shown that effective outdoor learning can improve students’ focus, cognitive function, test scores, social skills, wonder and creativity. Our K-3rd grade Forest School classes are offered in partnership with the Outdoor Discovery Center, whose naturalists visit regularly and oversee our certification standards.

/ In the Media

This video documentary, “The Forest Kids regaining wonder,” was created by an HC alum, Ben Lemmen ’10, for a Hope College video project, and we loved it so much, we just had to share! It traces a day in the life of an active Forest School kindergartner, from getting ready in the morning, to collapsing into bed at night.


WZZM Channel 13 News and award-winning reporter Brent Ashcroft followed our 2018 Forest School kindergarten students for their very first week of learning to create this locally broadcasted news coverage of our students’ learning experiences. Besides short interviews with their teacher Ron Harig and principal Miska Rynsburger ’92, the video depicts a week of our nature-based kindergarten, including ant bites and finding frogs in the rain, as well as learning the alphabet!


Despite growing research showing benefits of getting kids outdoors, even for full school days, there still are the practical questions–how does this work in snowy Michigan winters? How do they read and take kindergarten naps without freezing? How are these kids doing academically? WZZM Channel 13 News and reporter Brent Ashcroft again followed our 2018-19 Forest School kindergarteners, this time in January, as a follow-up story to see how Forest School kids thrive and learn in the cold.

HC Medium Talk Podcast Episodes

Check out these two episodes from the HC Medium Talk Podcast featuring Forest School kindergarten teacher Ron Harig & our Forest School kids!

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Forest School Newsletter – October 2021

Hello Dear Forest Families! “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” III John 3:4. This is what excites us every day! This drives the stories that we share with one another on staff! This is what inspires teachers to send texts to me demonstrating our children… Read More: Forest School Newsletter – October 2021

Forest School September 2021 Newsletter

Hello Dear Forest Families! In preparation for this new school year and in an interest to unpack the theme “Rooted” a bit, I did some digging into the history of our Holland Christian Schools. We’ve been around for a while, friends. More than a century! A LOT has changed over the past 100+ years. But… Read More: Forest School September 2021 Newsletter

Forest School August 2021 Newsletter

Hello Dear Forest Families! We interrupt your regularly scheduled summer programming for a few updates and dates for your calendar. Throughout Holland Christian we’ve been buzzing this summer in preparation for our new school year. We have been blessed with qualified and excited new staff ready to serve your children this year. We have invigorated… Read More: Forest School August 2021 Newsletter

/Further Research

The research even apart from our current global COVID-19 pandemic shows great promise with nature-based education, but even more so in the middle of this pandemic. Learning primarily outdoors allows for natural social distancing to happen, and provides fresh air and ventilation, making outdoor education a huge draw for many parents especially now. There are a few links below specifically addressing outdoor education in the midst of COVID-10, as well as other links about the benefits of outdoor education in general: 

“This program has been so influential in our son’s life and we couldn’t be happier and more excited for this program to continue to grow and evolve.”

-Stephanie Huizinga, Forest School Parent