Gabe DeBoer #MyReasonWhy

I am a sophomore here at Holland Christian. I play baseball, basketball, and football. For winterim this year I am taking an athletic leadership class. In this class we learned many ways of how we can become a better leader on our sports teams. We were challenged to write about why we play high school sports through the NFHS #MyReasonWhy campaign.

There are many reasons why I play high school sports. One reason is because I want to be an example for others. I want to show others what it means to play sports the right way by showing respect and displaying sportsmanship while being competitive and striving to be the best teammate and athlete that I can be. Another reason I play sports is because I love getting to compete and have fun with my teammates. The last reason I play sports is because I want to use the gift of athleticism that God has given me to further his kingdom. One of the best ways I can do this is by being a leader that leads others in a way that honors and brings glory to God while still competing and working hard to do the best that I can to better my team and myself.

Gabe DeBoer