High School Showcase!

Thanks for coming to our Holland Christian High School Showcase! Or even if you couldn’t make it, we’re glad you’re interested in registering for high school classes for the 2019-2020 school year! Now that registration is open, you can easily register for your high school classes online from the comfort of your own home by going to our registration link through the “SCHOOLS” tab, then “HIGH SCHOOL” tab from the menu across the top of the website. Or you can link to it right here: https://www.hollandchristian.org/high-school/registrar/

There are four videos on that page that explain step-by-step how to register for classes for each grade level of high school, as well as class descriptions and high school and NCAA expectations. If you do have further questions that aren’t answered there, or just need some help with it, feel free to email or call our counselors, Karen Jefts: kjefts@hollandchristian.org or Janet Howell: jhowell@hollandchristian.org. 

We’re looking forward to learning together over the next few years!