High School is a time for students to explore, create, and discover who God created them to be! We offer a wide range of academic courses and electives to meet the unique interests and needs of our students. See below for information about all the courses we offer. Are you a current student? Use the links below to schedule your courses for the upcoming year!


Please complete the forms below if you are a student or parent requesting a schedule change or specific teacher for a class. Please complete the forms below if you are a student or parent requesting a schedule change or specific teacher for a class.

Requests for a specific lunch hour or specific hour for study hall or other course:
I regret to inform you that the policies of Holland Christian High School do not allow me to accommodate requests for a specific lunch hour or a specific hour for study hall or any other class. In the case of a lunch request, the counselors request that your son or daughter try the existing schedule for at least a week. Chances are that there really are friends in that lunch hour or that new friendships develop. If after one week, there is still a problem, the student is encouraged to meet with his/her counselor to discuss the situation and possibly rearrange the student’s schedule. In cases where the student is under a doctor’s care and a specific lunch hour is needed for medical reasons, please email me with an explanation and I will accommodate the need. All other unusual situations that you feel deserve consideration should be directed to the principal.

Thanks for your understanding,
Karen Jefts

Curriculum Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions
View this step-by-step guide for selecting and registering for courses for the 9th grade.

Course Selection Worksheet

Spanish Immersion Course Selection Worksheet

9th Grade Requirements and Electives

9th Grade Spanish Immersion Requirements and Electives

Description of Common Freshman Electives

World Language Selection

Registration Form for Course Submission
Please follow the step-by-step instruction guide above. When ready, use this form which is for students enrolling in HCHS for the 9th grade.


Michigan Merit graduation requirements at HCHS
Information outlining which Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements are met by the various elective courses offered at HCHS.

High School athletes planning to compete at the NCAA Division I or II level must be aware of specific academic requirements established by the NCAA. To view the latest NCAA requirements as well as view the most up-to-date listing of HCHS courses approved by the NCAA, go to Follow the link for Prospective Student Athletes. Then look for both The Guide for College-Bound Student-Athletes and The List of Approved Core Courses. The 6-digit school code for HCHS is 231965.

EDP Form
Form for planning 4 years of high school courses.