The mission of Holland Christian Schools challenges us to transform the world for Jesus Christ. Understanding and communicating well with others—including those of different cultures—is an important ingredient to meeting that challenge. To that end, we seek to strengthen the academic training that immersion students and native speakers have received, while adding the critical opportunity to use that knowledge in authentic interactions within the community and beyond. This isn’t just about academics; it’s about responding to the Lord’s call to love and care for others, and it’s another example of the HCS commitment to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and faith they need to engage the world around them and expand the Kingdom of God.

Holland Christian High School offers a Spanish Secondary Continuing Immersion Program for Immersion students and native-Spanish speakers. In the continuing immersion program at HCHS, students take certain courses in Spanish and then are integrated into English speaking courses with the rest of the student body for the remainder of their schedule. This program includes travel opportunities to Spanish speaking countries, a student exchange program with “Faces and our Cultures,” and dual enrollment coursework with Hope College.

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Holland Christian’s immersion students have the option of enrolling in upper-level Spanish classes at the college, receiving college credit as well as high school credit. Read more here (via the Holland Sentinel).


The following courses are taught at Holland Christian High School through the Spanish Secondary Continuing Immersion Program. All courses are taught in Spanish and are tailored to meeting the needs of students in K-8 immersion programs.

Year 1

Spanish Immersion Language & Literacy 9 (2 semesters)
Divided into six units, this year-long course seeks to introduce students to various genres of literature (a novel, a play, poetry, and short story), informational texts, and types of formal writing (narrative, persuasive, research, etc.). Furthermore, students will learn and review grammatical rules and apply them to their oral and written communication. Throughout the units, students will be exposed to different cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.
The History of Western Civilization (1 semester)
This one semester survey course describes the factors that characterize the major eras of Western Civilization from Antiquity through The Great War. Students will be asked to use a Biblical perspective to describe, compare, and analyze people and events of these time periods.
Bible 1 (1 semester)
A study of the Biblical text, Genesis through Israel’s exile, beginning with Creation and ending with the history books. Students will engage the text and explore Biblical themes, paying close attention to their geographical, cultural, historical, and textual contexts. Students will consider how the living Word of God speaks to God’s people today, and they will be challenged to walk deeper into the Kingdom of God.

Year 2

Spanish 5 AP Language & Culture (2 semesters)
This class is conducted entirely in Spanish and is designed to improve proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  This will be accomplished through studying the six main themes designated by the AP College Board: Global Challenges, Science & Technology, Contemporary Life, Personal and Public Identities, Families and Communities, and Beauty & Aesthetics.  This course covers about 60% of the actual AP curriculum and includes practice and preparation for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam.  Depending on the college, if students score a 3, 4 or 5 on the AP exam they can earn between 4 and 24 college credits.

Spanish Conversation & Culture (1 semester)
Language and Culture are equally important. The goal is to get students to an Advance Spanish proficiency and to develop a deeper understanding of the cultures of the Spanish speaking world. We will focus on real communication, improving students’ linguistic and intercultural skills. For eight weeks of this course we welcome Guatemalen students who attend Holland Christian through the Faces and Our Cultures program.

US History (1 semester)
The first semester Spanish Immersion course examines nineteenth century United States history. Emphasis is placed upon the social, cultural, political and economic themes during this period. The survey also includes a unit focusing upon Michigan and local history. Students take their 2nd semester US History in English.

Year 3

Government (1 semester)
This course is a study of the structure and function of the national government. State and local governments are also referred to throughout the course. Students in this course will be encouraged to engage in discussions about the current political landscape and current events while increasing their knowledge of the foundations of our government. Attendance at local city council meetings and other community involvement activities will enhance the learning experience and encourage students to be actively involved in their government.

Translation and Interpretation (1 semester)
The main objective of this class is to introduce students to the craft of translating and interpreting. We will focus on the principles and techniques that will help students to acquire a wide view of key elements in the processes of translation and interpretation. The second goal is to equip students with a linguistic knowledge. During the semester, we will analyze in depth a variety of texts and we will study the differences in language mechanics in both Spanish and English. This will allow us to make decisions and reflect on what we do when we translate: we bridge communities separated by linguistic barriers.

Hope College Courses (2 semesters)
SPAN 462 Hispanic Linguistics. Read the course description here.

Year 4

World Cultures (1 semester)
This cultural and regional survey course examines the various cultures of the modern world. The historic, social, cultural, economic, geographic, and religious aspects of several of the major world regions will be examined comparatively in order to provide students with an understanding of the various and diverse regions of the world. The course will meet the need of providing students with a global framework and understanding, and will expect students to articulate Biblical ideals regarding relationships with other cultures.

Psychology (1 semester)
This course is designed to enlighten students on the complexity of the human psyche and behaviors. Using the guide of a college-level Introduction to Psychology class, the course will introduce students to theories of personality, development, emotions, and social psychology, while interweaving the history of the field and current trends. This knowledge will help students appreciate the image in which we have been created, better understand themselves and neighbors, and to create a capstone of Christian education with a foundation for future study of the discipline.

Hope College Courses (2 semesters)

/ Meet the Staff

The following courses are taught at Holland Christian High School through the Spanish Secondary Continuing Immersion Program. All courses are taught in Spanish and are tailored to meeting the needs of students in K-8 immersion programs.

Mrs. Anna Slenk Castro
Mrs. Slenk teaches Bible to freshmen immersion students.

Mrs. Amanda Cisneros
Mrs. Cisneros teaches AP Spanish for immersion students.

Mr. Chris Jacobs
Mr. Chris Jacobs teaches US History for sophomore immersion students and US Government for junior immersion students.