Welcome! Our personal and integrated approach to education allows middle and high school students to reach their potential and develop their gifts so they can impact the world for Jesus Christ. We create an atmosphere of empowerment and possibility as we continuously refine our methods for educating and challenging our students. In addition to attending class, students are encouraged to actively participate in clubs, activities, athletics, service projects, and more.


/ the Goal

The ultimate goal is to partner with parents in developing students of character who are prepared spiritually and academically to meet the challenges of college and beyond.


/ Our Approach

Students meet at Holland Christian Schools on Monday and Wednesday at the Middle School, and more frequently at the High School, depending on the student’s schedule. Instructors provide face-to-face instruction, class discussions, guided practice with concepts, activities, and projects. Our blended approach also includes online instruction allowing students to learn at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Students with varied ability levels can adjust the pace depending on their comfort, learning style, and competency. This allows students who need more time to review the material and seek out support from parents or teachers. Likewise, students who progress more quickly can complete assignments ahead of schedule allowing time for outside interests, part-time employment, internships, etc.

Students learn how to best manage their time and how to best use technology to enhance learning. Parents are key players in this model as well offering their student support and structure when learning at home.

The blended learning approach helps students develop the tools to succeed in our fast changing world: group problem solving, creativity, technical literacy, critical thinking, and communications skills both written and oral. We take your trust seriously as we shape the lives of our future leaders.

(HC)2 Middle School and High School classes run for 36 weeks and are held at Holland Christian Middle School and High School. Students will spend most of their day in classes with just homeschooled students; however part of their day will be with full time Holland Christian students, including chapel and lunch.

Classes will be taught by qualified teachers who understand the values and goals of the homeschool family and who are committed to communicating with parents as partners in their child’s education. Teachers will send home detailed lesson plans for students to follow with the support of their parents.

Placement testing is offered for math at the beginning of each school year should parents desire this. Additionally, (HC)2 students are welcome to participate in standardized testing along with full time students.

Holland Christian will issue progress reports for all (HC)2 Middle School and High School students and an official high school transcript is available should your student transfer to another school and for college admission.

(HC)2 Middle School and High School students are welcome to participate in Holland Christian team sports (eligibility rules apply). Additionally, students are welcome to participate in after school activities such as drama, robotics, worship team,etc. and all school sponsored events. Please review the High School Handbook.

Students will be issued a locker for their convenience.

On campus assistance is available Monday through Friday throughout the day for laptop technical assistance; use of this service is included with the laptop rental fee.

/The Details

/ How to Apply

Before You Apply

Once you’ve had an opportunity to explore the website, we’d love to meet you! For a personal tour, or if you simply have questions about the (HC)2 Middle School and High School Program, please contact Diane Suigussaar at dsuigussaar@hollandchristian.org or call (616) 298-0082.

To Apply

We are delighted that you are choosing enrollment at Holland Christian Homeschool Connection. Please complete the homeschool application available here, and mark the specific building that you applying for as “HC2.” Once we receive your completed application, we will follow up with you to schedule a visit to our campus. This meeting is an opportunity for you to meet the Homeschool Coordinator, tour the campus, meet the educators directly involved in your child’s education, and naturally to answer all your questions.

/ 2021-2022 HC2 Tuition

Middle School

Annual Tuition: $3270 for 6 classes
A la Carte: $575 per class
Laptop Fee: $200
Textbook Fee: $52
Optional: Pay to Play $55 per Athletic Activity

High School

A la Carte: $630 per class/per year
Laptop Fee: $200
Textbook Fee: $52
Optional: Extra-curricular Activity Fees (Athletics, Theater, etc.): $85 per Activity Pay-to-Play

Plugging into HCHS

High school homeschooled students are invited to take up to two Holland Christian non-HC2 classes (that meet 5 periods per week) at 50% off the Holland Christian full-time tuition rate. Please contact Diane Suigussaar at dsuigussaar@hollandchristian.org for more details.



8:00-8:52 Bible/PE/Wellness
8:55-9:40 Science
9:40-9:50 Break
9:53-11:26 Math
11:30-11:45 Lunch
11:45 -12:00 Noon Break
12:01-12:46 English
12:49-1:34 History
1:38-2:23 Band/Orchestra/Choir
  2:27-2:55 Study Hall/Early Departure


8:15-9:35 Science
9:40-10:25 Bible/PE/Wellness
10:30-11:15 Math
11:15-11:50 Lunch
11:55-12:30 Chapel
12:35-1:50 English and History
1:55-2:55 Band/Orchestra/Choir


The high school (HC)2 schedule is varied, depending on which HCHS classes students opt to take. You can visit the high school schedule here at hollandchristian.org/high-school/schedule/.

“I love how the teachers are willing to talk with you, not just about homework but about life too. I love how the teachers care about us, they aren’t just here to teach but to help us grow and be there for us if we need them.”