Holland Christian Schools provides a unique opportunity for international students to study abroad and acquire an American education. International students can attend 9th-12th grades, for-credit classes alongside their American counterparts to earn a U.S. high school diploma. New students are accepted entering 9th-11th grades. Students are also encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities, thereby giving them a true American high school experience.

We invite any international student who meets our criteria for admission to apply to our school by completing the International Application for Admission. For more information, please contact our Holland Christian International Program Coordinator, Anna Slenk, at aslenk@hollandchristian.org.

Holland Christian High School is a Christian private school. Our mission statement is “equipping minds and nurturing hearts to transform the world for Jesus Christ.” This mission is fully-integrated into all aspects of school life and a vital component of our approach to learning. This means that students with equipped minds and nurtured hearts are academically prepared, Biblically discerning, and spiritually growing. At Holland Christian, this is developed within the context of a comprehensive learning community and a spiritually enriching environment. We are enabling our students and graduates to live for Jesus Christ by loving others and serving the world.

Academic Achievements

Holland Christian High School students post very competitive academic test scores because of caliber of students enrolled and the rigor of the academic program at the school. For recent test scores, please click below. In addition, 95% of graduates pursue post-secondary education.

Academic Opportunities

Holland Christian High School offers a large variety of courses including English, Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Latin, Spanish, as well as numerous electives in different areas. Additionally, eleven Advanced Placement (AP) or dual enrollment classes are offered in Art, Calculus, US History, World History, Psychology, Chemistry, Statistics, Literature, Drawing, Principles of Business, and Business Management.

Co- and Extra-Curricular Opportunities

In addition, Holland Christian offers more than 50 award winning co- and extra-curricular programs including Band, Orchestra, Drama, and Choir, and 78% of our student body participates in one or more of these co- or extra-curricular programs. Holland Christian has received 21 state championships in our athletics programs and seven state championships in in our theatre program.

Specialized International Student Services

We currently have 16 international students from four different countries and have had a formal international program in place since 2006. Over the years, we’ve developed a special program specifically for our international students. The international program includes student support services, a dedicated guidance counselor to assist with the college entrance process, as well as exciting special activities through our International Club extra-curricular program.

Character Formation

It is an honor and privilege at Holland Christian Schools to partner with parents and churches to encourage the unique faith development of each student. We seek to honor the whole child in an integrated way. The teachers at Holland Christian are uniquely equipped to encourage student growth and maturity in every dimension of their being, including their faith.

Nationally Renowned Technology Program

Holland Christian High School has a one-to-one technology program for each student to have his or her own Apple laptop computer during the school year. As a result, Holland Christian has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Program for our use of technology.

State-of-the Art School Facility

The school is designed around 21st century spaces for learning; the school recently completed a $25 million renovation to implement design that best reflects the variety of ways that students learn and function in today’s educational world.

Home Stay Opportunities

Boarding for international students is available through host families recruited and supported by Holland Christian Schools.

/ Holland, Michigan, USA

Holland Christian School High School is located in Holland, Michigan, a town of approximately 35,000 people located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.