Holland Christian Schools enrolls international students for credit into 9th, 10th and 11th grades. Students who attend for at least two years including their 12th grade year and meet graduation requirements will graduate with a diploma from Holland Christian Schools.

Listed below are the criteria for admission:

  • At least one parent or guardian has a credible personal testimony of a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • There is membership in, or regular attendance at, a church in which the Bible is sincerely believed to be the inspired word of God and is therefore the basis for all life and learning.
  • There is an understanding of and agreement with the mission of Holland Christian Schools to provide children with a God-centered education in which Jesus Christ is acknowledged in every area of life.
  • Each student gives evidence of a commitment to the learning process based on past records and entrance interviews.
  • Each student gives evidence of or potential for emotional stability, a satisfactory behavior record, and adequate social adjustment.
  • The student will live in a home stay environment provided by the school or another agreement determined with the school.
  • The student must be proficient in English, as determined by the school, in order to enroll and receive credit.

We also expect that parents agree with the Mission and Belief Statements, linked here, of the school.



A completed application must include the following completed documents, in English:

STEP 2 – Interview

Based on the completed application, a student interview will be scheduled.

STEP 3 – Acceptance

Based on the completed application and interview, enrollment opportunities will be determined by Holland Christian personnel.

STEP 4 – Tuition Payment

Tuition payment is due to finalize enrollment. After payment is received the school will issue the I-20. Failure to pay tuition results in a forfeit of enrollment.

STEP 5 – I-20 Issued

An I-20 will be issued for the student once the tuition payment has been received.

STEP 6 – Host Family Match

The student will be paired with a host family once the student is approved for enrollment.

STEP 7 – Visa and Passport

After the I-20 is issued, the student must obtain a Visa in his or her home country.

STEP 8 – Class Scheduling/Arrival

Students must plan to arrive in Holland, Michigan one week prior to school beginning. Students must let their host parents know when they will be arriving. New students are required to attend all orientations. The Registrar will meet with the student once they arrive to set up a class schedule.