Our table is almost ready for Tuesday!

Dear Rose Park Family and Friends,

‘Twas the week before school, and all through building every teacher was stirring, some even scurrying. Preparations and plans have been made with great care. We’re ready! We’re ready! Do you hear us declare? Swimsuits and towels have been stored for the season. Hopefully, there’s a weekend we’ll still get to seize them. … (Those aren’t more groans I hear, are they? I’m adding a little each year to this rhyming masterpiece.)

What a JOY it was to see so many of you, our parents and children, eyes sparkling with anticipation, visiting their classrooms at the ice cream social on Thursday evening. I want to give a huge thank you to our Parent Board volunteers for providing the ice cream and the intentional, warm welcome to all of our families, and especially those new to our Rose Park family. Teachers have been working for weeks to prepare classrooms, dive further into their curricula, and spend time in prayer for each child who will be in their care for the upcoming school year. Their hearts, minds and classrooms are ready. Our prayer is that the transition will be natural and comfortable for your child, that the understanding of who God created your child to be will continue to be discovered and celebrated, and that your child will flourish at Rose Park this year as we prepare a table, a place for each and every student.

As always, I pray that you may bless and be blessed this final summer weekend before school with your families in rest, recreation, and in awe-filled worship. We are eagerly and gratefully anticipating at Holland Christian Schools and Rose Park partnering with you in equipping young and eager minds, nurturing soft and tender hearts, to transform the world for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The entire staff and I remain excited to see your children again next week to love them and learn along with them this year. See you all our first day of school on Tuesday!


School Day, Drop Off and Pick Up information

School begins on Tuesday for all students in Preschool through 9th grade. Our K-6 school day at Rose Park will run from 8:10AM (first bell) to 3:15PM…a full day! Preschool classes will meet at their previously communicated days and times. Office hours are 7:45 AM – 3:45 PM.

We are prepared to welcome your students the first day and every day anytime between 7:55 and 8:15AM (K-6) and 8:15-8:30AM (Preschool). If you do drop your student off before 7:55AM, our doors open at 7:30AM, and your student will go to our staff-supervised Before/After School Program room #134 on the east side of the building. (Note the room change from last year.) Please note, also, that there is an additional fee to take advantage of this program, and you do need to register. See the section below for more information on our Before / After School Program at Rose Park.

To alleviate the extra traffic we will experience that first week of school without busing, please stagger pick-up times at the end of the day:

  • If you are the driver of a carpool and your last name begins with A-I, please try to be in carpool line at 3:15PM.
  • If you are the driver of a carpool and your last name begins with J-P, aim for 3:20PM.
  • Drivers with a last name beginning with Q-Z, please arrive closer to 3:25PM.

A few PM carpool reminders:

  • When your car is in the loading zone area – please turn on your hazard lights UNTIL you have all the children in your carpool, then turn lights off.
  • If your child does not see you or has not come to your car, feel free to ask the person on duty to help your riders find their way to your car. Please stay inside of your car.
  • Do not allow your children to come to your car if you are not yet in the loading area. Staff will ensure safe passage for each student to their car.
  • Please use the carpool plan whenever possible. If you must come and get your children from the sidewalk, please park in the designated parking spots and walk in front of the loading zone area, not between cars that are waiting in the carpool lanes.
  • For a more complete explanation of our carpool, parking lot, and driveway instructions, please click and read this document.

K-6 Parent Night

Our Rose Park K-6 Parent Night will be held on Thursday, August 23, from 7:00-8:30. In order to allow parents who have multiple children at Rose Park to visit two classrooms, we will run each presentation twice. Please note the schedule for the evening will commence as follows:

K-6 Schedule
7:00-7:30:  Meet with teacher in the classroom slot #1
7:30-8:00:  All K-6 parents in the gym
8:00-8:30:  Meet with teacher in the classroom slot #2

8:30: Optional tech meeting in the library for 6th grade parents with Dan Vos. This is a great opportunity for parents to ask any questions they may have regarding their 6th grade students soon taking their laptops home every night. Come with your questions regarding simple procedures to care for the laptops, but even more for conversation around social media and other tech avenues that begin opening up for 6th graders in the broader culture.

HCS Back-to-School 2018 Convocation for all Preschool-12th grade students and all who are part of the HCS community: Wednesday, AUGUST 29, 9AM, HCHS Gymnasium

You are invited along with the entire Holland Christian Schools community to our annual Convocation Ceremony to kick-off our 2018-2019 school year. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, alumnus, friend, or supporter, we would love to welcome you along with all of our Preschool-12th grade students in a time of celebration, prayer, praise, and listening to God’s Word at the beginning of this exciting new year. Various Holland Christian students, staff, and community members will lead in song, prayer, and devotion. Come and join us Wednesday, August 29, 9AM in the high school gym for this very special convocation service. You will be blessed!


For those of you really planning ahead, Rose Park’s picture days are Wednesday, September 19, and Thursday, September 20. More specific information and scheduling will come once we are underway through classroom and the Rose Park blogs.

5th and 6th Grade Band and Orchestra

Please help your 5th and 6th grade students remember to take their band and orchestra instruments to school for their first rehearsals on Thursday at Rose Park.

Volunteers Needed

We’re still looking for a fun way to celebrate your inner-child? We’re still looking for a few volunteers to be a safety presence on our playground during the lunch hour recess. If you are available to commit, even one day per month, we’d love to have you on board. The time commitment is from 12:10-12:50.  Please email Carla at cchase@hollandchristian.org or Diane Steenwyk at dsteenwyk@hollandchristian.org with questions or to express your interest. Or, you may go directly to this link to sign up online. Thank you!

We are also looking for a volunteer to occasionally change the lettering on our sign by the road. The messaging is provided for you. You simply manage the actual lettering on the sign. This usually takes an hour or so every few weeks to gather new lettering, post new messages, and put away the old letters. Please contact Diane or Carla if you are willing and interested to help out with the sign.

Busing Information

Starting Tuesday, August 21 – RP Shuttle to HCMS & HCHS – AM & PM.
Starting August  27- WO busing begins. Also the shuttle from WOHS will begin.

Elementary Handbook

Whether you are new or experienced at Rose Park, for your convenience, here is a link to our Elementary Handbook found on the HC website. Please refer to the handbook for general information, or with specific questions you may have about life at Rose Park.

Student Absences

Please report to us if your child(ren) is going to be absent.  This needs to be done each day they will not be in school.  Also, we would appreciate it if they were reported in by 8:45 AM, but you can call and leave a message anytime before that time.  If you do not call us, and if the child’s teacher does not know about the absence, we will try to call you. (This policy is to protect your child–we want to ensure your child’s safe arrival at school.)

Entry System

For those of you new to our school, please note that we have a video intercom entry system at the front entrance door of Rose Park.  Entrance into the building (during school days, from 8:45 AM- 3:00 PM) is only through the front door under the large canopy, and will require a simple push of a button.  Upon seeing the person at the door, the secretary will inquire who it is and release the lock.  Please realize this system is NOT put in place to inconvenience parents or students; instead, we use this system because Holland Christian places a high priority on student safety. Utilizing a video intercom entry system is just one more thing we can do to put safety first.

Medical Information Reminder

Parents: if your child has a medical plan on file or takes meds at school, we need an updated form signed by their physician each school year.  So, if you have not done this yet, please do so asap.   You are welcome to contact our school nurse, Jane Borr (janbor@hollandhospital.org). She will help you set up a plan for the office to assist in administering the medication. For safety reasons, Holland Christian Schools is not able to dispense any medication (prescription or non-prescription) to our students without a doctor’s order.  Thank you!

Before/After School Care Program

We will be again be offering a before school program for families that need to drop their students off prior to 7:55 AM. Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30 AM. We will also be offering our after school program starting at 3:15 until 5:30. There is an additional fee for this program, and families need to pre-register prior to using these programs to allow us time to provide adequate supervision. If you have any questions regarding these programs, please contact program director Tammy Grassmid at 616-820-3535, or tgrassmid@hollandchristian.org.

HC Batons

We hope you have treasured the note written to your child from last year’s teacher and tucked inside the special HC baton. It’s not too late to write your own note to your child, or ask a close family friend, leader, or mentor to write their encouragement to your child about what they see as God’s gifts in your student at this point in their growing. We ask that each baton be returned to school in time for our convocation on August 29. Your child’s teacher has a special devotional planned during which batons will be passed from your child to his or her new teacher. You are welcome to bring these on the first day of school, or during Parent Night,  whichever is most convenient for you. Please keep in mind we need to have them here at school by Wednesday, August 29.

Hot Lunch Menu:

August/September 2018

Upcoming Dates:

  • August 
    • 21 –  First day is a full day, 8:10AM-3:15PM
    • 21 – Preschool Starts
    • 23 – Parent night 7:00-8:30
    • 24 – First LIVE @the Intersection 7:55AM
    • 29 – All School Convocation at the high school 9:00AM
  • September
    • 13 – Walk-a-thon Fundraiser
    • 14 – First Mom’s In Prayer 8:15AM
    • 19 – Picture Day
    • 20 – Picture Day
    • 22 – Kids Stuff Resale
    • 26 – Walkathon
  • October
    • 4 – Grandparents’ day
    • 25 – CEA – No School
    • 26  – CEA- No School
  • November
    • 1 – Preschool Dad’s night
    • 2 – 5/6th grade Donuts with Dads
    • 21 – 1/2 day
    • 22 – 23  – Thanksgiving Break

Requested Announcements

Moms in Prayer

MOMS IN PRAYER- Looking so forward to praying with you on Fridays again this September!  We will
begin our season on September 14, in the library, at 8:15 running until 9:05.  Childcare will not be
offered this year.  If you have any questions please contact Kathy Schut at 616-875-8912.  What could
be better than time spent on your knees for your kids?  Come check it out!  Moms, please insert your
name in the following verse.

LORD, may I, ________, tell my children about Your glorious deeds, Your power and Your mighty wonders.
From Psalm 78:4 (NLT

 Contact Person:  Kathy Schut, 616-875-8912, schutkathy@gmail.com