Jackson Sinclair #MyReasonWhy

My name is Jackson and I am a sophomore at Holland Christian High School. Playing sports has been a passion of mine since I was young and I’ve always loved trying new things.  Playing to the best of my abilities is important to me no matter what team I am playing for.  Currently, I participate on the soccer, swimming and golf teams.  I tried baseball and football when I was younger as well, but I was able to figure out the sports I better excelled at as I got older. The NFHS encourages students to know their #MyReasonWhy and I have a couple of answers to that question.

People have many different reasons for playing sports and most of which are really basic like having fun and making friends. While these things are nice to have, they are not really an in depth answer to the question. I play sports for concentration. Playing sports help me deal with the stress of a big test or other things that can make people anxious. When I am in the water at swim practice all my worries go away and I can focus on swimming with my teammates as opposed to the next due date of an assignment. I know my answer isn’t insanely complex, but it is #MyReasonWhy.

Jackson Sinclair