Jaxon Halbert #MyReasonWhy

My name is Jaxon and I play basketball and golf at Holland Christian. Teammates are one of the most important things an athlete can have in a sport like basketball. They help you succeed and you need them to win. They will also be a part of your future as well. This past week we have been digging deeper into taking responsibility for self-leadership and how to lead the teams we are on to successful seasons.  These concepts are not only true for sports, but also other areas of life too. We visited many different business owners in our week we had together to see how athletics is still involved in their day to day life at the workplace. We also looked to answer why each of us plays high school sports by participating in an NFHS program called #MyReasonWhy. The program has high school athletes explain why they play sports and what it means to them.

I play sports to acquire skills for my life today and in the future. This includes communication skills, confidence building, and learning how to solve problems. These life skills are built from sports and will help me be a better leader in day to day life.

Jaxon Halbert