Maintenance Endowment Fund

Although our people–our students, staff, and teachers–are the most important components in a quality Holland Christian education, safe and clean buildings complete with well-maintained playgrounds and green spaces are certainly vital aspects as well to the whole experience. In 2019, Holland Christian was generously gifted $1 million for a Maintenance Endowment Fund to help care for Holland Christian’s beautiful buildings and campuses. We are promised a second $1 million when we match that first $1 million in community donations, for a total of $3 million of endowed funds all to directly benefit the maintenance of HC buildings. This full $3 million endowment would mean we would have 5%, or $150k per year to help cover things like roof repairs, needed carpet replacement, paint refreshing, playground upkeep, etc. We are grateful for the foresight of our donors in recognizing that maintenance of our buildings as a God-honoring stewardship of our resources. We invite you to join with us by contributing toward the Maintenance Endowment Fund, thereby helping us reach this endowment goal to benefit all students and staff! You can do that online directly below. For more information, please contact Leanne Halma at