Michelle Kuipers #MyReasonWhy

I am a sophomore at Holland Christian High School and I play basketball and run cross country and track. In my winterim class, we learned about athletic leadership, both self and team leadership. One of the assignments for the class was to participate in the NFHS’s #MyReasonWhy campaign where we were challenged to share about why we participate in high school sports.

I play sports because I love to and because they are fun. One of the teams I am on is the cross country team and it is a really close, encouraging and supportive group. You get the chance to both encourage one another and compete against each other. A chance to celebrate the victories and a chance to learn from the loses. Sports gives me the chance to do what I am passionate about and to challenge me to have the mental toughness to push through difficult situations. Most of all, I play sports because God blessed me with so much physical talent and I want to give it back to Him. I want to give God all of the glory and honor Him through playing high school sports.

Michelle Kuipers