Multi-Sport Participation – Focus on the Process

Holland Christian supports participation in multiple sports and this national campaign is growing.  There are now doctors, recreation departments, parents, national sport organizations, collegiate coaches, and even state athletic associations prioritizing the benefits of multi-sport participation.  The MHSAA currently has a task force dedicated to promoting the benefits of multi-sport participation and Holland Christian shares their vision. There are good non-school sport programs and there are bad non-school sport programs (sometimes depending on who the participant is), but we believe it is healthiest for student-athletes to be involved in multiple sports at their school.  Our current sports culture pressures parents to specialize their child’s athletic experiences now, but does not consider the “whole child” and development down the road.  The following are four positive benefits of multi-sport participation for the Maroons.
1. Multiply the Athletic Experience
2. Focus on the Process
3. Be Energized to Compete
4. Be Healthy to Compete

Focus on the Process
According to the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), only 7% of high school athletes will have the chance to play at some level collegiately and less than 3% will receive any size athletic scholarship.  Holland Christian takes pride in over 400 students (9th-12th) who participate on at least one athletic team.  Of these participants, approximately 30 will have the opportunity to play sports beyond high school and about 10 will receive some type of funding to do so.  Do not miss out on being a great teammate, taking advantage of the unique learning opportunities and enjoying the sport in front of you today because you are more concerned about playing at the next level.  Holland Christian alumni who successfully complete four years as a collegiate student-athlete tend to be multi-sport athletes in high school.  Although they are usually more talented than their peers, their talent was developed (both physically & mentally) through involvement in more than one sport as a Maroon.  All of our athletes, the 7% and the 93%, have positive take-aways from their athletic experiences when they are challenged to seek their potential.  Stay focussed on what you need to do today to be YOUR BEST instead of focussing on being THE BEST.  You will grow the most and the positive outcome may surprise you.

Go Maroons!