Multi-Sport Participation – Multiply the Athletic Experience

Holland Christian supports participation in multiple sports and this national campaign is growing.  There are now doctors, recreation departments, parents, national sport organizations, collegiate coaches, and even state athletic associations prioritizing the benefits of multi-sport participation.  The MHSAA currently has a task force dedicated to promoting the benefits of multi-sport participation and Holland Christian shares their vision. There are good non-school sport programs and there are bad non-school sport programs (sometimes depending on who the participant is), but we believe it is healthiest for student-athletes to be involved in multiple sports at their school.  Our current sports culture pressures parents to specialize their child’s athletic experiences now, but does not consider the “whole child” and development down the road.  The following are four positive benefits of multi-sport participation for the Maroons.
1. Multiply the Athletic Experience
2. Focus on the Process
3. Be Energized to Compete
4. Be Healthy to Compete

Multiply the Athletic Experience
Holland Christian has incredible coaches for athletes to take advantage of through participation in different sports. Why only experience just one? Our coaches are educators who care deeply about Christ, high school students and the sport they coach.  Coaches and athletes have different personalities and it is beneficial to experience being an athlete under the leadership of different coaches.  Recent sports culture challenges the notion that students can participate in a 2nd or 3rd sport unless they are a star player.  Student-athletes can grow from and enjoy competition no matter what role they have on a team… and possibly more when they experience different roles on different teams by “diversifying their investment.”  Educational athletics are also affordable compared to club sports where there is always a team that travels further and costs more.  By taking the risk of investing in multiple school teams, the payoff for the multi-sport athlete will multiply.  God’s gift of sport to us comes in many forms and we encourage you to dive into a few!

Go Maroons!