Holland Christian is passionately committed to the growth of each student’s faith in Jesus Christ and to the development of their unique gifts and talents for God’s glory. Our personal and integrated approach to education enables our students to reach their whole potential, equipping them to impact their world for Jesus Christ.

Holland Christian’s upscale resale shop, Ditto, generates tuition grant dollars to enable children to attend Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian Schools. Last year Ditto generated $238,500 in funding for Holland Christian, resulting in a tuition grant of $180 per student.

Together with you (your donations, your shopping dollars, your volunteer hours), we can continue to nurture and grow the many God-given qualities of our children, grandchildren, and friends. Through the time, talent, and resources of the Holland Christian community, we can make it possible. To learn more about Ditto visit their website here.

If you have any questions about Ditto or would like to learn more, contact Troy Dokter, Director of Advancement, at (616) 820-2819 or tdokter@hollandchristian.org.


Do you have a vehicle (car, truck, SUV) that you are planning to sell or that you are considering trading in when you purchase another vehicle? Instead of selling or trading in your vehicle, consider donating it to Holland Christian Schools.

Holland Christian will coordinate all of the necessary details involved with this donation. When the vehicle is sold, you will receive the proper documentation from Holland Christian Schools for recording this as a charitable contribution for IRS tax purposes. All net proceeds from your vehicle donation will assist Holland Christian families by reducing the cost of tuition.

For more details on how the Donate-A-Vehicle program can benefit you and Holland Christian families, contact Troy Dokter, Director of Advancement, at (616) 820-2819 or tdokter@hollandchristian.org.


Our Wish List is created by staff and faculty each year for items that will be used to benefit our students and enhance their education, but are not budgeted. If you’d like to purchase something off the Wish List, please contact Troy Dokter at (616) 820-2819 or tdokter@hollandchristian.org.

2 books - The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes$25South SideAfter School Program
Guess Who Games (2)$24South SideAfter School Program
Legos - Blue - 405 Piece Set$40South SideAfter School Program
Legos - Pink - 402 Piece Set$40South SideAfter School Program
iPod and Docking Station$300Rose ParkPreschool Department
Camera$150Rose ParkPreschool Department
Cricut Expressions 2 Die Cut Machine$500Rose ParkPreschool Department
Stylus for iPads$3 Per StudentRose ParkK-4
Lakeshore Sensory Tub$179Rose ParkPreschool Department
Lakeshore Washable Sensory Play Set$139Rose ParkPreschool Department
Lakeshore Magna Tiles$129Rose ParkPreschool Department
Classic Birch Magnetic Write & Wipe Big Book Center$259Rose ParkPreschool Department
Magazine Subscriptions$150Rose ParkElementary Library
Reading Incentive Rewards/Prizes$250RP,SS,PRElementary Library
Replace worn copies of fiction favorites, classics, etc.$500RP,SS,PRElementary Library
Multiple copies of favorite books$500RP,SS,PRElementary Library
Spiritual Growth - Chapel Speakers$350MSChapel
8th Grade American History Resources$200MSMedia Center
7th Grade Social Studies Resources$200MSMedia Center
8th Grade Language Arts Resources$250MSMedia Center
White Boards$700MSRooms 104 & 116
PA System$1,500MSMedia Center
Science DVR's$160Pine RidgeGrade 5
Sounds System for Classrooms$1,150Pine Ridge
Mounting Strips for Art WorkPine Ridge
New Signage for Library Bookshelves$100RP,SS,PRElementary Library
Electronic Ball Pump$55HSPE
Kettle Ball Set$400HSPE
Stability Ball Storage$300HSPE
Disk Golf - 30 Disks ($10 ea)$300HSPE
Stability Ball Set--30 Balls ($30 ea)$900HSPE
Teacher's Edition of Document Based Questions$325HSSocial Studies
The History Channel Video Series - The History of Us$70HSSocial Studies
Digital Cameras$700HSScience
Vernier Turbidity Probe (2)$120 eaHSScience
Dissolved Oxygem Probe (2)$210 eaHSScience
Plant Genetics Study (Adv Biology)$50HSScience
Bacterial Transfortation Lab (Adv Biology)$225HSScience
Autoclave (Biology)$5,000HSScience
Infrared Thermometers (7)$20 eaHSScience
Celestron Computerized Telescope$200HSScience
Bookshelf$4,000HSMedia Center
Boardmaker Software$400Rose ParkESS
Audio Books$250Rose ParkESS
Sensory Integration Equipment$750RP,SS,PRESS
Soft Weighted Balls (6)$75RP,SS,PRESS
20" Therapy Ball$26RP,SS,PRESS
Adjustable Height Round T-Stool$55RP,SS,PRESS
Fleece Bags (6)$13RP,SS,PRESS
Lap Weights - Animals$35RP,SS,PRESS
Weighted Blanket$115RP,SS,PRESS
4 Tub Sensory Station$250RP,SS,PRESS
Floor Lamps and Table Lamps$80RP,SS,PRESS
Child's Rocking Chair$60RP,SS,PRESS
Large Mirror$30RP,SS,PRESS
Small Bean Bags$20RP,SS,PRESS
Bean Sack Chair$35RP,SS,PRESS
Hanging Nest Chair$130RP,SS,PRESS
Calming Stone room dividers$170RP,SS,PRESS
Liquid Wave Paper Weights$6RP,SS,PRESS
Sand Pictures$40RP,SS,PRESS
Motion Lamps$30RP,SS,PRESS
SRA Developmental Reading Kit for Fluency$910South Side
Visual Bubble Timers$40South Side
Reading A-Z Online Printable Books$900South Side
A Reason for Spelling - Scripture with Spelling$90South Side
Wet-Dry-Try HWT App$7South Side
Rug - Learning Blocks$470South SidePreschool
Rabbit Buddy$124Rose ParkESS
Tubano Drum (5)$175Rose ParkMusic
Remo Kids Pre-Tuned Frame Drums (5)$75Rose ParkMusic
Kalimba Set - 8 note gourd piano and songbook$65Rose ParkMusic
Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Drum, table size$160Rose ParkMusic
Shakere (large West African Gourd Bead Shaker)$30Rose ParkMusic
Didgeradoo (Australian Instrument)$40Rose ParkMusic