Holland Christian is passionately committed to the growth of each student’s faith in Jesus Christ and to the development of their unique gifts and talents for God’s glory. Our personal and integrated approach to education enables our students to reach their whole potential, equipping them to impact their world for Jesus Christ.

Holland Christian’s upscale resale shop, Ditto, generates tuition grant dollars to enable children to attend Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian Schools. Last year Ditto generated $375,300 in funding for Holland Christian, resulting in a tuition grant of $300 per student.

Together with you (your donations, your shopping dollars, your volunteer hours), we can continue to nurture and grow the many God-given qualities of our children, grandchildren, and friends. Through the time, talent, and resources of the Holland Christian community, we can make it possible. To learn more about Ditto visit their website here.

If you have any questions about Ditto or would like to learn more, contact Troy Dokter, Director of Advancement, at (616) 820-2819 or tdokter@hollandchristian.org.


Our Wish List is created by staff and faculty each year for items that will be used to benefit our students and enhance their education, but are not budgeted. If you’d like to purchase something off the Wish List, please contact Troy Dokter at (616) 820-2819 or tdokter@hollandchristian.org.

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